Key Contacts

School Telephone Number: (212) 666-1278; Fax: (212) 666-3805

Lenice Nelson, Interim Acting Principal, ext. 5072

Tricia Gordon, Assistant Principal, ext. 5071
Contact Assistant Principal Gordon regarding safety issues, detention and calendar questions.

Colette Young, Dean, ext. 3001
Contact Dean Young with questions about the dress code or discipline.

Isis Ramos, Parent Coordinator, ext. 5032
Contact Isis with your school questions, concerns and suggestions. She is the liaison between parents and the school. She can tell you who to contact for areas not covered here and can help schedule appointments with administrators.

Amanda Engleman, Middle School Guidance Counselor, ext. 3132
Contact Counselor Engleman regarding academic, emotional and social concerns.

Elsa Cordoba, High School Guidance Counselot, ext. 3133
Contact Counselor Engleman regarding academic, emotional and social concerns

Jean Guerrier, Attendance Coordinator, ext. 5035
Contact Mr. Guerrier regarding your child’s attendance. Please advise him by email or telephone if your child is absent or will be absent. 

Aziz Woodson, Technology Coordinator, ext. 5052
Contact Mr. Woodson regarding school email, website and online grade book.

SONYC - ext. 5033, Phoenix Madera – Director
Contact Mr. Madera regarding the SONYC afterschool program.

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