The English Language Arts curriculum at CSS is a vertically-aligned, seven-year program designed to foster intellectual inquiry, analytical skills, and creativity.

The ELA team is committed to a curriculum that reflects a diversity of authorial voices, of narrative styles, of characters, and of their experiences. Through the program, students will increasingly:

  • Develop their sensitivity to rhetoric and literary craft
  • Examine texts through a variety of critical lenses
  • Encounter a broader scope of historical literature
  • Consider readings as manifestations of both individual and social experience
  • Consider their own identities and their place in the world


Daniel Attridge

English Teacher

Professor Daniel Attridge has been part of the Columbia Secondary School family since 2...

Janine Avril

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Janine Avril teaches senior English and philosophy and 9th grade health. She ...

John Beletsky

English, Philosophy + Social Studies Teacher

Professor John Beletsky teaches English and Philosophy (and sometimes Social Studies!)....

Lauren Davis

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Lauren Davis teaches 11th and 12th grade English. She received her B.A. ...

Erin Flaherty

English Teacher

Professor Erin Flaherty teaches 11th and 12th grade AP English at CSS. She holds a BA i...

Laura Huzzy

ICT HUM Teacher

Professor Laura Huzzy is a learning specialist who teaches humanities in 6th and 9th gr...

Huda Khalil

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Huda Khalil teaches 6th grade English and Philosophy at CSS. She earned her B...

Kelsey Kilduff

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Kelsey Kilduff teaches 7th grade English and 12th grade Philosophy. Prof. Kil...

Joseph Reilly

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Joseph Reilly teaches 8th grade English. Prof. Reilly received a BA in P...

Leslie Seifert

Special Education - Humanities Teacher