The English Language Arts curriculum at CSS is a vertically-aligned, seven-year program designed to foster intellectual inquiry, analytical skills, and creativity.

The ELA team is committed to a curriculum that reflects a diversity of authorial voices, of narrative styles, of characters, and of their experiences. Through the program, students will increasingly:

  • Develop their sensitivity to rhetoric and literary craft
  • Examine texts through a variety of critical lenses
  • Encounter a broader scope of historical literature
  • Consider readings as manifestations of both individual and social experience
  • Consider their own identities and their place in the world


Daniel Attridge

English Teacher

Janine Avril

English + Philosophy Teacher

John Beletsky

English + Philosophy Teacher

Lauren Davis

English + Philosophy Teacher

Erin Flaherty

English + Philosophy Teacher

Huda Khalil

English + Philosophy Teacher

Joseph Reilly

English + Philosophy Teacher

Leslie Siefert

English + Social Studies Teacher