Why a secondary school?

Columbia Secondary School is proud to be a true 6-12 programmed school. Each academic department has designed a seven-year vertically-aligned sequence, so that students who participate in the full seven-year program at CSS will see many deliberate "loops" and "returns" in curriculum to middle school texts, ideas, and even teachers! Most teachers teach across the middle and high school, meaning that student-teacher relationships develop and strengthen over the years. Additionally, our middle and high school student groups both benefit from working with the other to build community at all levels. CSS offers unique leadership opportunities for upperclassmen, and special mentorship opportunities for middle school students.

Some of the highlights that make CSS special:

  • Peer Mentor Program: High school students are paired with middle school students to serve in a 1:1, ongoing relationship
  • National Honor Society Tutoring: High-achieving juniors and seniors host "drop-in" tutoring for middle and high school peers
  • Book Talks: Juniors and seniors are matched with 6th grade students each Spring Semester to discuss books of the 6th grader's choice, and to foster independent reading within our community
  • Community Day: High school students lead restorative circles & fun activities for middle school students.