The Philosophy department at Columbia Secondary School is a seven-year, vertically-aligned sequence intended to develop students' abilities to creatively problem solve, probe, and think deeply about the world around them. In middle school, Philosophy centers as a discussion course; in high school, students explore Rhetoric & Logic (9); Ethics and Aesthetics (10); Political Philosophy (11); and Existentialism (12). 

The Philosophy students at CSS produce a student-run journal, Contrariwise, which ponders our philosophical questions, great and small.

Contrariwise asks the CSS Community to respond to student-generated Infrequently Asked Questions here


Photo of Daniel Attridge

Daniel Attridge

English Teacher

Professor Daniel Attridge has been part of the Columbia Secondary School family since 2...

Photo of Janine Avril

Janine Avril

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Janine Avril teaches senior English and philosophy and 9th grade health. She ...

Photo of John Beletsky

John Beletsky

English, Philosophy + Social Studies Teacher

Professor John Beletsky teaches English and Philosophy (and sometimes Social Studies!)....

Grae Carter

Science and Philosophy Teacher

Photo of Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Lauren Davis teaches 11th and 12th grade English. She received her B.A. ...

Photo of Erin Flaherty

Erin Flaherty

Assistant Principal - Administration

Assistant Principal, I.A. Erin Flaherty oversees the student experience at CSS, includi...

Photo of Laura Huzzy

Laura Huzzy

ICT HUM Teacher

Professor Laura Huzzy is a learning specialist who teaches humanities in 6th and 9th gr...

Photo of Huda Khalil

Huda Khalil

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Huda Khalil teaches 6th grade English and Philosophy at CSS. She earned her B...

Photo of Kelsey Kilduff

Kelsey Kilduff

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Kelsey Kilduff teaches 7th grade English and 12th grade Philosophy. Prof. Kil...

Photo of Joseph Reilly

Joseph Reilly

English + Philosophy Teacher

Professor Joseph Reilly teaches 8th grade English. Prof. Reilly received a BA in P...

Leslie Seifert

Special Education - Humanities Teacher