Columbia University Classes


Columbia Secondary School has a unique partnership with Columbia University, which enables our high school students to enroll in CU courses, both within CU Immersion and CU College Edge. Columbia coursework enables CSS to offer a much wider range of courses than is typical for a school our size, including a mathematics sequence through Calculus IV. Building a college transcript also allows students to accumulate credits they can use in their undergraduate career.

Students are approved for CU coursework based on their core GPA from the most recent CSS semester transcript. If a student is approved in the application process, their grades will be reviewed again once the current semester ends.  Students who do not meet the GPA requirements at the close of the current term will be required to withdraw from their CU course(s), even if they have already been attending the course.

Students or parents with questions about CU coursework can reach out to Assistant Principal Erin Flaherty (

The academic requirements for eligibility are below:

For all high school grades 9-12, you will not be qualified to apply to CSS CU if any of your grades in any subject (including electives) are below an 85.

In addition:

  • Freshman applicants must have 95% or higher Core GPA (Freshman are only eligible to apply in February to register in their 10th grade year in the following Fall semester).
  • Sophomore applicants must have 90% or higher Core GPA.
  • Junior applicants must have 85% or higher Core GPA.
  • Senior applicants can only apply in November for Spring Courses.  Senior applicants must have 85% or higher Core GPA.

*Core GPA is the average of the four CSS core subjects: Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies.


Remember that you must earn a B- or higher in your CU course(s) to be eligible for the CSS CU program the following semester. When CU grades are published, if you do not meet this requirement, you must withdraw from your CU course(s), and you will have one semester probation where you are not eligible to participate in the CSS CU Program.

Once you are approved for the CSS CU Program, you will be given a commitment form to fill out with your parent/guardian. CU courses are rigorous and you must only commit if you’re certain you have time to meet the requirements and workload of the course. You may withdraw from the CSS CU Program only within the first week of class without consequence. After the first week, you may still withdraw from the program, but you will have one semester probation where you are not eligible to enroll in CU courses.

Students that withdraw after the first week or receive lower than a B- may apply after one semester probation if they meet the CSS core GPA requirements for their grade.

It is a huge opportunity for our CSS community to participate in courses through Columbia University. To maintain our partnership and to support our students in finding their individual best fit for college experience, CSS students have different requirements than actual CU students. Please refer to CSS for general eligibility requirements and registration protocol and requirements. Please speak to the college office about all your college options to make sure CU is the best option for success.