Middle School Guidance

Counselor Engleman is the Middle School Guidance Counselor at CSS.  Prior to becoming a counselor, she worked as a classroom teacher in the Bronx for five years.  It was through teaching that she learned how big of an impact she could have on her students' lives and decided to pursue a career in counseling.  She graduated with her Master's in School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling in 2013 and has been working at CSS ever since!  She feels empowered to help students reach their full academic, social and emotional potential and hopes all students find her office and presence as a safe space.   

The Middle School Counselor believes:

  • All students have the capacity to learn and the school environment is to provide each individual student opportunities to achieve their potential.
  • All students’ different multicultural backgrounds, special needs, individual differences, and personal identities are to be treated with sensitivity and respected by all.
  • All students are to be granted access to supportive school counseling programs and services provided by certified school counselors.
  • The middle school years are years of great developmental transition; they will experience various changes during these years of adolescence.

The Middle School Counselor provides:

  • Planned curriculum and lessons to promote student achievement across the areas of academic, social, personal and vocational development.
  • Support for students to achieve their academic goals and maximize their individual competencies.
  • Collaboration with the greater counseling team that works in partnership with school administration, parents/guardians, families and the greater community in hopes of meeting all students’ needs.
  • Appropriate preparation for students as they continue to transition through the stages of cognitive, physical and personal development.