The mission of the CSS math department is to introduce students to the power, beauty, and joy of mathematics. All students enter an accelerated course sequence that begins in sixth grade and continues through all four years of high school. Middle school culminates in Algebra I, and high school students complete their course of study with AP Calculus or advanced coursework at Columbia University. Throughout their time at CSS, students apply their mathematical knowledge in concurrent science and engineering classes. Successful CSS math students are well-prepared for undergraduate-level work in a variety of quantitative and technical fields.

The CSS Math department supports the work of the student-led CSS Math Team. Check out this tricky math problem designed by the Math Team. All CSS community members who correctly solve will earn a spot on this week's hall of fame!

Rules: NO searching online; NO calculators - you can do it!! 

Problem of the week 11/8/23:

Andy’s lawn has twice as much area as Beth’s lawn and three times as much area as Carlos’ lawn. Carlos’ lawn mower cuts half as fast as Beth’s mower and one third as fast as Andy’s mower. If they all start to mow their lawns at the same time, who will finish first?

(A) Andy

(B) Beth

(C) Carlos

(D) Andy and Carlos tie

(E) all three tie


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