Schedule for First Day of School 2022

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Greetings CSS families and scholars,

Happy September!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  Below you will find several essential directives and documents to assist with the First Day of school and throughout the school year.

  • Thursday, September 8th: School starts at 8 a.m.
  • Students are expected to be in uniform; our incoming 6th graders and all new students will have their I.D. photos taken the week of September 12th.
  • Students will report for first period to the rooms listed in an email sent to everyone's CSS family accounts, where students will receive their back-to-school welcome packets. Students will follow their programs for the remainder of the school day, starting period 2.
  • The welcome packets contain essential documents which must be reviewed by both the student and parent.  
  • Linked here are several other attached documents essential to our school culture and environment: Family Handbook, Cell Phone Policy, Respect For All & Citywide Discipline Standards.  
  • Once again, the Office of School Food encourages families to complete the Income Inquiry Form online at Reminder; all families will eat for free; however, our school funding is determined by the number of families that complete the Inquiry Form.  All families are expected to complete this form. 
  • For opening day room assignments, please check the email sent to your CSS family account.

It's Our CSS Homecoming!!!!

Lenice Nelson

Interim Acting Principal

Columbia Secondary School