Executive Board Members

2022-2023 CSS PTA Executive Board Members

PTA General Email: ptaexecboard@columbiasecondary.org

Co-Presidents: Leanne Gonzalez-Singer & Nydia Prishker
contact email: CSSPTApresident@columbiasecondary.org
Treasurer: Starr Peoples
contact email: PTATreasurer@columbiasecondary.org
Recording Secretary: Laurie Brown Kindred
Assistant Recording Secretary: Thomas Henry
contact email:  PTASecretary@columbiasecondary.org
VP of Fundraising: Vacant
(If interested, please email PTAexecboard@columbiasecondary.org)

VP of Communications: Alina Sivorinovsky Wickham
contact email: PTACommunications@columbiasecondary.org

VP of Parent Resource: Desirée Rodríguez
contact email: PTAVolunteers@columbiasecondary.org

VP of Facilites: Dave Thom
contact email: PTAFacilities@columbiasecondary.org
VP of Annual Appeal: Danielle Hartley
Director of Spirit Wear Sales: Lilian Chow
Director of Technology: Dan Charnas

Other Members:

Manisha Shah, CSS PTA Store
contact email: ptastore@columbiasecondary.org 

Kenneth Drake, Member-at-Large
Nancy Lerman, Member-at-Large

Previous CSS PTA Executive Board Members



President: Veronica Villalpando
Treasurer: Kenneth Drake 
Assistant Treasurer: Cheryl Moody
Recording Secretary: Laurie Brown Kindred
Assistant Recording Secretary: Ali Auth
Fundraising Committee Members: Manisha Shah
Communications Co-Chairs: Nancy Lerman
Volunteer Coordinator: Adeline Monzier
District 5 Representative: Hope Bell
Other Members: Nydia Prishker & Alexandra Toubia


Co-Presidents: Nydia Prishker & Veronica Villalpando
Treasurer: Kenneth Drake
Assistant  Treasurer: Cheryl Moody
Recording Secretary: Dina Levy
Assistant Recording Secretary: Laurie Brown Kindred
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Starr Peoples & Jennifer Pasbjerg
Communications Co-Chairs: Gema Imbert & Sarah Jessup
Volunteer Coordinator: Adeline Monzier
District 5 Representative: Hope Bell
Other Members: Daniel Cooper & Alexandra Toubia