Over the years, thanks to the committed parents we have been able to:
  •  Build and maintain a professional, fully staffed college guidance office.
  •  Launch a one-of-a-kind after school electives program and engineering program.
  •  Send students on all-day and overnight field trips & college visits.
  •  Provide essential administrative staff.
  •  Support our award winning philosophy program.

To support our students, we are asking you to PLEASE CONSIDER making a contribution or pledge of $500 to Friends   

We understand that $500 is a stretch for many of our families, however, any amount helps, so we urgently ask for every family to give what they can. No student has ever missed a Friends-funded activity due to lack of funds




The PTA is an organization that exists solely for the benefit of our students and school community. Our fundraising efforts improve the overall CSS Community which includes students, faculty, parents and school administration. All money raised through our events is funneled back into other events for the students.

The Parent-Teacher Association sponsors many wonderful events throughout the school year. Some are fundraisers and some are for the children’s enjoyment. 

  • 6th and 9th Grade Orientation           
  • Teacher Mini- Grants
  • Dept Grants
  • Family Science Night       
  • Athletics Dept
  • National Honor Society
  • Cultural Events
  • Senior Scholarships        
  • Musical