At Home PE/Health Assignment

At Home PE/Heath Assignment 

Students for both Physical education and health will need to maintain one journal providing the required information as detailed below. Journals should be set up as a google doc and can be an ongoing with new entries at top of the document.  Journals are due each Friday (1st entry due Mar 27th) and will be assessed each week. This journal will apply toward both PE and Health credit if you are also presently taking a health class.

*HS (all PE and Health) - share your journal with Prof. Kornely via Google Classroom

       (incl. Profs. Harrigan/DeLucia health classes)

*MS - share your journal with Prof. DeLucia via an ongoing google doc.

Weekly requirements:

1. Clean your home - not only will you be helping out your family, but you’ll be exercising and burning calories in the process!  You must include a picture as photographic evidence of your completion of this task

 A list of examples:

    1. Do the laundry
    2. Fold clothes/iron
    3. Dust
    4. Wash dishes
    5. vacuum/sweep/mop
    6. Wash windows
    7. Clean bathrooms - toilets/shower/bath/floors
    8. Wipe down high touch surfaces (walls, lightswitches, knobs…)

2. Cook (or help cook) a healthy meal once a week.  If you’re not cooking on your own just yet, then offer up to help and learn!  Again, photographic evidence is required (provide a selfie with the meal or helping in the kitchen).  You must also provide the recipe as we will create a “Best of ….” cookbook.

3. Finally, you must do a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise at least 3 days a week.  Staying inside without movement creates seriously unhealthy circumstances and we realize it also creates some challenges, but you can be very creative in how you do this.  Below are some options and examples for you. In your journal you must log the exercise you select.

    1. 20 minutes of movement in your home.  Perhaps a tabata or interval of grouped exercises.
      1. Cardio - run/jog in place, burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope (or fake it)
      2. Strength - push ups, squats, wall sit, plank, dips, lunges, calf raises, lateral leg raises, shoulder raises/press, crunches/sit ups, supermans
      3. Flexibility - transitions (upward dog to downward dog), pigeon, straddle, sun salutations, butterfly.
      4. Take a walk outside, but away from others.  Keep it simple and just walk around the block or even just up and down your own street.
      5. Take the stairs.  If you’re in a building - get on the staircase and just go up and down for 20 min.  You control the speed.
      6. Use your creativity and simply document the details.  Did you find and use an online resource or workout video?  Provide the link.