Professor Matthew Musselman (8th Grade Humanities)
My “Office Hours” / Student Support Session Schedule
• 9-10am: U.S. History
• 1-2pm: ELA
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• Delta Math (Math)
• Conjuguemos (Spanish)
  • ELA 8.4
  • ELA 8.1 (Co-Teaching with Professor Joe Reilly)
  • U.S. History 8.4
  • U.S. History 8.1 (Co-Teaching with Professor Eion McGuinness)
  • Professor Musselman has been teaching at Columbia Secondary School for the past two years. He teachers ELA and U.S. History, with a focus on reading and writing strategies for students with learning disabilities. He hold’s a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the City College of New York as a member of the New York City Teaching Fellows program. Prior to entering the field of education, Matt enjoyed a rewarding degree as a jazz trombonist in New York City, specializing in traditional and early jazz styles. His interest in jazz history has flowed naturally into an affinity for American history in general.