Participation in Government & Economics Course Information

Government and Economics is a one-year course (1 semester on participation in government & 1 semester on economics).  The purpose of the course is to allow for young adults (typically high school seniors) to be fully informed & prepared to be fully functioning citizens/members of the United States and the world upon graduation from high school. 
In order to help to safeguard constitutional/republican democracy (i.e. the United States) and allow for everyone to make better decisions and hopefully lead happier lives, we will use our course textbooks, read about different topics and issues through the examination of primary & secondary sources, and discuss, debate, and dissect the ways that the United States government and U.S./world economy function.
Once a citizen of the United States/the world has a true understanding of the way these two important leviathans (government & economics; thank you for the term Thomas Hobbes) operate, a citizen who has chosen to take part in the political process (i.e. through casting a ballot, etc.) will be prepared to choose much more wisely and thus safeguard our constitutional/republican democracy and he/she will also be more prepared to make better economic decisions hopefully resulting in them leading a happier life.  
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