9th Grade Global History Course Information

Global History is a two-year course sequence and that explores human history from the dawn of man inhabiting the earth through to the present day. The 9th grade global history course explores many different events and turning points in human history such as the Neolithic Revolution, the Birth/Development of Civilizations, the rise and impact of religion/belief systems, the Rise & Fall of the Classical Age Civilizations, Outcomes of the Collapse of the Classical Age Civilizations (i.e. Rise of Islamic Empires, West African Trade Kingdoms, Mongols, Byzantine Empire, the Middle Ages, and the Crusades), the Renaissance,  the Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment (this is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that will be explored/studied during the 9th grade global history course).  
The 9th grade global history course explores our human existence through the course textbook, using different primary/secondary sources from the different eras/events being studied/explored (case studies), through engaging in class discussions/debates, and through the completion of different activities/essays/projects (case study assessments). 
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