About me

As teacher of Living Environment freshman classes at CSS and a College Environmental Science course for seniors, I get to witness tremendous growth in students over 4 years! Watching students become more passionate about global concerns and identify the path they wish to take after high school is extremely rewarding! Through 18 years of teaching, my passion for science and learning grows, remains unwavering, and is (hopefully) contagious.


I think of my parents when considering my reason to pursue science and education. My father was always encouraging me to go beyond my homework, to investigate and ask questions about “why is the sky blue”, geothermal energy, or studying constellations in the night sky. My mother was also influential in nudging me toward a career in education. After years of “finding myself” with jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, bird field studies and research, and a jaunt through Europe ending in a tour of Kansas (interesting yes, ask me about it), I finally turned my focus to science education. I think family and friends are the most influential in helping shape our future, so it is important to always be communicating with them and learning about our own historical and cultural backgrounds. 


I am certified in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, plus school building and district administration and enjoy discussing all these sciences and how schools can support science education. I enjoy looking at how the many science subjects connect us to our world and each other! Teaching a college level course, Global Environment and Human Culture in partnership with SUNY- Environmental Science & Forestry has been enlightening. It gives me an opportunity to help students gain awareness of and develop a connection and appreciation to the natural world. I am an #MfAProud Math for America Master Teacher, 2016 recipient of the Sloan Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching and just recently the 2020 award recipient of the Shelda Taylor Award from the Linnaean Society of New York!


When I am not thinking and living science, I have been known to hit the mountains with my snowboard, read books on my kindle, stroll the beach in search of treasure, and spend time with my adventurous, lively 4 year old daughter Eleanor!

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Virtual Parent Teacher Conference

Hello Families!
I have set up 5min appointment slots for the Thursday 5-8 PT conferences and 12-2 Friday conferences.
Please click on the link and find a slot that works for you. 
Put your Family Name and CHILD in appt slot. 
Write in your preferred contact method-- I can do phone, email, or google meet/hangout-- hangout works directly with css emails. 
I know 5 min is short but we usually only have 3min in person! I will aim to discuss child's current grades and our remote learning platform. 

Google Classroom

All coursework announcements, homework, exams and labs are posted in Google Classroom for students. Parents are invited through CSS email and can sign up for daily or weekly reports about status of student work.