12th Grade Engineering - Instructions for Remote Learning

With the (hopefully) temporary closure of school, it will be difficult to make progress on our existing projects. To continue with meaningful engineering content, you may choose to pursue either app development (computer science), or computer aided design (3D solid modeling).
The app development curriculum will use two units from code.org's AP Computer Science Principles course. Students currently enrolled in AP Computer Science Principles with Professor Redmond may still choose this path as the content is not the same.
The Computer Aided Design (CAD) curriculum will use the cloud-based Onshape CAD program with lessons from various sources curated by Professor Lauter. Onshape is a professional level CAD program that is widely used by small and mid-sized companies for which full-function educational accounts are available at no cost.
Code.org and Onshape.com are both fully accessible on any laptop platform - Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. 
Please monitor your email and Google Classroom for all assignments, grading, and communications.