Online Resources - Math

Dear 7th Grade Families, 
As the current COVID-19 pandemic evolves, I am going to be making accommodations for students who are home. Here are the following measures I will be taking for 7th grade mathematics:
  • As always, all class materials will be uploaded to Google Classroom. All students can access class presentations, homework, classwork, and videos from this site.
  • Moving forward, all homework assignments are to be submitted on Google Classroom. When logging into Google Classroom, the assignments will appear on the stream, or can be accessed in the classwork tab. Students can print the assignment or complete the assignment on loose-leaf, take photos, and upload. If students have access to technology that allows them to write on pdfs, students are welcome to submit this way as well. 
  • Moving forward, graded classwork assignments will also be available for submission on Google Classroom, following the same procedures as homework.
  • For extra support, and remote instruction during this time, students have access to all 7th grade Khan Academy materials. Videos, practice questions, quizzes, and homework, are all available to students. This is a great resource for extra practice and instruction.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. This is an evolving situation, and I will be taking the appropriate measures to support all students. Please keep your eyes out for other communication from Principal Nightengale regarding COVID-19.
Again, please let me know if there is anything more I can do to support your child in learning. Stay safe and healthy!
Professor Sheehan-Braine