About Me

My name is Nathali Mendoza. I am originally from Peru. Before starting at Columbia Secondary School as a Spanish teacher, I taught social studies and language in Peru.I received rigorous training for seven years while obtaining my bachelor's and my first master’s degree. After moving to this country, I decided to continue my path as an educator and received my second master's degree in Science Education at City College. All of this preparation not only provided me with a different vision of the best approach of teaching a new language; but also taught me how to design coherent instructions and how to make the new knowledge presented to all my students meaningful no matter their level of proficiency. 
At Columbia Secondary School, I teach high school courses of Spanish II and Pre - AP Spanish, as well as one section of 7th Grade Spanish I-A and 7th Grade Spanish Advanced. I keep daily lists of homework and resources for all of my classes on our internal GoogleClassroom pages.