Prof Redmond

Instructions for Remote Learning:
As we have already been doing during the school year, all contact, resources, assignments, and questions will be posted on Google Classroom. You can expect to see weekly coding assignments, exercises, and projects posted on Google Classroom that will be due each week. 
I have always stressed that communication is key! And now, more than ever, communication will be super important. Do not hesitate to reach out to me via email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 
If you have questions about your code, please let me know which question exactly you are working on. Then also Copy & Paste your code into the email, or a link to your 
I appreciate your understanding in these changing times and I look forward to continuing your education!
High School Computer Science Teacher
About Me:
I have been teaching at CSS since 2015. I have a Master's in Pure Mathematics and have been studying Computer Science for many years as well. I focus most of my computer science classes using the programming language Python, which is known for its readability and its ease of learning for beginners. 
I am an advocate for learning and try to instill those values in my students. 
9th Grade: Introduction to Computer Scinece
12th Grade Capstone Engineering: Python Programming & Applications
A.P. Computer Science Principles