What to expect in 8th grade English

8th Grade ELA focuses on the close reading of texts, supporting inferences about texts with specific examples and evidence, and effectively analyzing how cited examples and evidence support inferences. Students will engage in discussions with peers on open-ended questions about texts that allow them to hear varied perspectives and refine their viewpoints. Students will experiment with an array of writing styles by writing personal narratives about significant memories, making arguments about works of literature, and taking positions on social/historical issues with perspectives of selected philosophers in mind. The thematic focus of the course is injustice and dehumanization. Students will analyze the way that characters in texts attempt to cope with the inequality that results from different social issues that have been prevalent throughout history. We examine characters that can be considered “ahead of their time”, heroic in the historical context in which they lived, and often willing to challenge the status quo despite uncomfortable consequences. While the class is rigorous, it will also be fun, engaging, and a place to grow as high school approaches.