Marisol 2015

I am a Chilean born Spanish teacher, certified in my home country, as well as in Michigan and New York. I have very diverse teaching experience, with students ranging from kindergarten to college, and variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.  I am a huge fan of New York City and I feel blessed and excited every day for living in such a cosmopolitan, diverse and vibrant city.  I am very proud of my Hispanic heritage and am very glad to be in a locale with a strong Hispanic community.

In terms of my education, I received a bachelor’s degree with a major in Spanish language and literature, and then studied theater performance for two years.  Years later, I received another B.A. in secondary education, also specializing in Spanish language and literature. I also pursued one post-title in school theater management and another in theater management for adults.  Additionally, I have a master’s degree in Spanish from Wayne State University. I also finished a certificate in school leadership/building administration at Baruch College.

In 2003, I was hired from my native country to be a Spanish teacher at a charter school in Flint, Michigan. I worked there for four years, primarily with inner city students, becoming the head of department after two years there.  I moved to New York City in 2007, where I taught at a private school, and started working part time at Hunter College, teaching Spanish for Continuing Education students.

From day one, I fell in love with Columbia Secondary’s educational project. For me, it is a honor and a privilege to be a teacher here since 2010.  I love to direct theater and have a lot of experience working with Chilean students on shows. Theater management  and organization of cultural events are  my passion. Another of my hobbies is to read, especially in Spanish and to be always learning something new. I also very much enjoy dancing and travelling.  My last major trip was in the summer of 2015, visiting Chile, Peru and Colombia.