Another year at CSS! I am so excited that I will get to see the first class I taught here graduate! This will be an exciting year as I take continue to teach AP Environmental Science and Chemistry. By now, to those who have met me, you know my passion for science and learning is unwavering (and hopefully contagious).  It has been an interesting, rewarding path from middle school science, Living Environment, Chemistry and Science Research leading to CSS.

My parents are first and foremost my reason for pursuing science and education. My father was always encouraging me to tackle questions I had beyond my homework, like, “why is the sky blue”. My mother was influential in nudging me toward a career in education after years of “finding myself” with jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, bird watching field studies and a jaunt through Europe ending in a tour of Kansas (interesting yes, ask me about it).

I am certified in Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science and enjoy discussing all these sciences and how they connect us to our world. Continuing to teach AP Environmental Science for 2013-14 allows me to continue to make students aware of this connectedness of the sciences (and other subjects)!

When I am not thinking and living science, I have been known to hit the mountains with my snowboard, read books on my kindle, stroll the beach in search of treasure, and spend time with my beautiful niece Grace!