School Leadership Team Minutes 9/15/2016

In attendance:

Parent Members

Janet Miller-Moore (Co-Chair),

Kevin Daly (Co-Chair),

Rhonda James,

Karen Kaapcke-LePique,

Dwight Manning

Nydia Prishker


Faculty/Admin Members:

Miriam Nightengale (Principal)

Dmitriy Fabyshenko (Faculty)

Erin Flaherty (Faculty)

Kim Terranova (Faculty)



Sherry French (Parent)

Kayoko Sakon (Parent)



I.               Meeting called to order at 4:45pm

II.             Approval of Previous Minutes: June SLT meeting minutes were approved

III.           Election of New SLT

A.            Co-Chairs: Kevin and Janet

B.             Secretary Duty:

September – Erin

October – Dmitryi

November – Rhonda

December – Nydia

January – Kim

February – Dwight

March – Karen

April – Amy

May – Elsa

June – Daniel.



IV.           C-30 Timeline of AP Hiring Approval Process

August 15, 2016 job posted – by November 15, 2016 must have completed interviews


Tasks to be completed: hiring committee formed, questions to be developed, interviews to be scheduled, and interviews completed


Committee meetings and interviews must be the same day – the questions are developed the same day that the interviews take place


  • Schedule a meeting to review resumes and bring in ~5 candidates from the current pool of 77
  • Established criteria for filtering resumes: 10 years teaching, NY metro area, no misspelled words in resume. Backup criteria if pool is too large: STEM experience
  • Meeting to review resumes: Thursday, September 22nd at 4:45
  • Meeting tomorrow about music committee tomorrow 4:30 – 6:00
  • CEP
    • Process and timeline – We will label each correction as discuss/edit/data
    • Subcommittee Edit Group: Miriam, Erin, Kim
      • Miriam = Data, Erin and Kim = Formatting
  • October 13 meeting – CEP must be done

V.             Summer Assignments

  • Kevin: PTA meeting raised much concern about Summer Assignments
  • PTA meeting next Tuesday – seeking clarity, not resolution
  • Parents come in with emotional response and would like clarity on teacher intention
  • Research supports summer slide – students lose pedagogical progress over summer vacation; summer work combats summer slide
  • Can we trust research? If we only care about data but not measuring the immeasurable
  • The parent is burdened with keeping track of all these assignments all summer
  • Push back – other parents feel this gives students the opportunity to manage their time; the work was not too much
  • Rhonda – shared the work seemed intentional this year as compared to previous years
  • Kevin requests: a statement of what summer homework is meant to do, coordination amongst the teachers, spike or dip in homework
  • Issue: If we implement individual summer assignments, how can teachers give meaningful feedback on totally individual summer projects?
  • A child should have choice over their summer assignment – Karen
  • Kevin: Statement of policy about what summer homework is meant to do and grade-level amounts
  • Chaos regarding summer assignment – parents cannot review it until teachers are unreachable
  • Teachers should articulate objectives by department


*Note About Grading: All grading policies have been revised in response to parental and student concern



VI.           IEPS


  • SETTS has been outsourced to general contractors, to our students’ detriment
  • Sherry – suggestion to call 311
  • Does a special ed teacher need to teach self-contained?
  • Subcommittee “Know Your Rights” Special Education Workshop ? – Rhonda
  • Is the guidance counselor a vehicle for distributing information regarding IEPs?
  • First PTA meeting – Kevin will encourage self-organizing of parents of special education students, led by Rhonda (volunteer)


VII.         Physical Education Uniforms

  • Issues with uniform are resolved – stringently and uniformly enforced
  • Uniform ad hoc solution – $1 patch that can be ironed onto any navy pants

VIII.       Next Meeting

Looking forward, Danny O’Donnell will be joining us at our October 13, 2016 meeting. Kevin will prepare talking points and email out.


The C-30 committee will meet to review resumes on September 22, 2016 in Miriam’s office.


Meeting was called to an end at 7:45 PM.


Next Meeting: October 13, 2016 at 4:45 PM.