1. Approval of March 17, 2016 Minutes [Approved]

Old Business:

  1. CEP Preparation
    1. Regents/State Test Data:
      • We successfully accelerate our students from being behind to being on par from 6th to 8th. There is a mastery gap for Hispanic students in reading as the tests become more complex. The gap is erased by the time they get to the ELA Regents. There is no gap in proficiency level in last year’s 6th grade math scores. We have a very small performance gap between economically disadvantaged students and economically advantaged students compared to the rest of the city. Can we use this data to tweak or firm our goals for the CEP? We still need to close gaps and move more students to mastery. Increasing the number of semesters for trigonometry from 2 to 3 increased mastery by over 30%.
      • We need to build a culture more supportive of slowing down.
      • It is extremely difficult to program two tracks in math (one accelerated and one not) that students could switch between. We may be able to address these issues with electives.
      • We are not wedded to AP courses. Columbia courses in the same subject might a better option.
      • Part of this conversation is to figure out if we want to continue to put a focus on acceleration. If we can’t support it then it wouldn’t be a good goal to set.
      • If we offer PSAT prep during study hall we may be able to have online programs available that are self-guided.
      • Using study halls may be problematic and may hurt student’s ability to balance all of their work if they can no longer use study halls to do work.
      • If we decided to have assemblies or communities days built around non-academic issues then we have to find a way to get teachers on board.
      • Perhaps we could give students short readings on issues that are pertinent to adolescents and adolescence for discussions and reflection AND time for decompression during a study hall.
      • The goal is to move more students to mastery by affecting the culture of the school by providing structure and spaces for non-academic discussions about motivation, life-skills, ect….
      • Can we do an experiment to see if downtime actually helps with moving students to mastery as opposed to motivational stuff? It’s hard to do controlled experiments and gain reliable data.
    2. PSAT Data
    3. SAT Data
      • #13 in NYC (Higher scores than other screened schools)
      • #22 in NYS
      • Should we set up optional PSAT prep or do it during a study hall?
    4. Next Steps for Grading Survey – tabled.
    5. Next Steps for Community Service Inquiry – tabled.
    6. Updates
      1. CB 9 Meeting: Gale Reeves presented 21 slides for over an hour. She spoke about the Harlem Business Owner’s Initiative without naming any actionable items. She was questioned about the 6th She said that the 6th floor is controlled by a calendar which is controlled by Reeves and Lisa Neilson. DEA and Joe Rogers (Campaign for Educational Equity) were there. Sherri talked to the educational head at Gale Brewer’s office and got them to agree to call on CSS’s behalf to find out more. TC School head said that Reeves represents the DOE interests over the school’s interests. Kevin’s impressions of the meeting were that Reeves lacked answers for the 6th floor issues and that Joe Rogers of CEE was a good lead. Nicole of Danny O’Donnel’s office from the state district would like to attend SLT. Miriam would like to follow-up on de Balsio’s promise to fulfill Fair Student Funding for NYC schools (which would grant CSS an additional $4,000.)
      2. Facilities:
        • The principal’s space survey hasn’t been editable – it currently says that all of the classrooms are air-conditioned.
        • Is there a goal we want to create around facilities? Do we want to tie it to the CEP?
        • If we make a goal that is beyond our ability and we can’t make it happen will there be consequences? No.
        • How are we going to work toward getting a/c in every room?
        • We need documentation of the problems. Part of the work we are doing is assessing all of the classrooms?
        • We could create a way for teachers to communicate with the PTA, SLT, and the PTA and SLT to communicate with the custodians.
        • We might want to try dehumidifiers, but they are noisy
        • The DOE does not pay for a/c units, generally PTA’s do that.
      3. Political Outreach
        • We got $75,000 for the science labs
  • New Business:
  1. Preparedness for May SLT Meeting
    1. Draft CEP due June 24th
      • This will have to be done without this year’s test scores. Our CEP will have to be informed by data from last year.
      • We need more PB ideas so they can be submitted in September. What about a library?
      • We would like to see how CSS @ Columbia students are doing.
      • We need to seriously look at what our draft goals are going to be. We need to look again at the test score data and see if we have any more questions about it.
      • We wanted to bring the education chair to our next meeting. Should we? Or should we wait until June? There is a consensus that the May meeting will be the best meeting.
    2. Other New Business
  • Room 301’s door is a fire hazard. It is broken and needs to be fixed.
  • Please let Miriam know if you know anyone who has $$$$$$ and that we could invite to a fundraiser.