School Leadership Team Minutes 11/12/2015

In Attendance:


Janet Miller (Parent)

Joe Riley (Parent)

Elba Riley (Parent)

Sherry French (Parent)

Mark Kerman (Parent)

Scott Larson (Parent)

Adam Sobel (Parent)

Joseph LePiors (Parent)

Micah O. Hasegarra (SONYC Director)

Marit Lawson (Parent)

Cintra Supersad (Parent, PTA member)

Student Members:

Justyn Diaz

Ellington S. Fagan

Parent Members:

Kyle Pfortmiller

Tara Herlocher

Amy Gillman

Rhonda James

Karen Kaqucke

Kevin Daly (PTA Delegate)

Faculty/Admin Members:

Dmitriy Faybyshenko

Miriam Nightengale (Principal)

Erin Flaherty

Kim Terranova

Naeta Rohr


Meeting called to order at 4:45pm

  1. 10/15 Meeting Minute approved
  2. IEP Staffing Issues:
    1. A temporary fix to the staffing issues for our IEP students resulted from the calls by parents to 311
    2. DOE has agreed to provide funding for a 9th grade teacher and support staff. The right personnel are still be sought from among recent graduates or excessed teachers
    3. Currently staff and substitute teachers is not a long term solution
    4. IEP students who are failing can sue for extra support (SETSS – Special Education Teacher Support Services)
    5. Subcategorizing of IEP students by District placement personnel would be more useful
    6. Goal: more forward planning to support IEP population
    7. Recommendations:
      1. Possible creation of co-teachers who obtain special education certification
      2. Form a SLT sub-committee to assess the issues and needs of IEP population.
  • Community Board #9 may be a good resource for strategizing solutions.

Side bar discussion: how do we educate parents about the complicated formula used to determine how much funding a school gets?

– Portfolio money for selective schools is not currently being received by CSS. May be able to renew our request for these monies.

  1. Review of CEP:
    1. There was a page by page review of the CEP document. Noted corrections were submitted to Principal Nightengale, via email on Nov. 13th for timely revision of CEP document.
  2. Student Surveys
    1. Parents to test link on mobile devices
    2. Provide tables at Parent Teacher conference, for parents to complete surveys while waiting to see teachers
    3. Teachers surveys: to date, 19 out of 40 surveys have been completed
    4. Volunteers still entering students surveys
    5. Process of analyzing survey results to be finalized
  3. Increase community/civic action
    1. Feedback – 11th grade is challenging time to complete community service, so when?
    2. Create a focus group to determine:
      1. goals
      2. barriers
  • what questions should be asked
  1. for students, what year
  2. inside/outside school day
  3. objective, year by year
  • how does community service get logged
  • brainstorm action items
  1. perspective of community service @ CSS and how can it be improved
  1. How does the school support community action projects?
    1. 6th grade has community service coordinator, reaching out to other students and parents
    2. Would a community action project incorporated into a curriculum be beneficial & manageable
  • Is our current community service initiative part of school’s mission. Should it be?
  1. Outside activities done by students should be captured, shared with school body, raise awareness
  2. Check points, mile markers along the process
  3. Possibly an elective, required at some point
  • Independent studies check in, to provide support
  • Have Social Studies teachers to invite students to give feedback @ SLT meeting & contribute
  1. Need civic instruction w/flexible project
  1. Letter of consideration sent to WHDC to secure grant funding for community action projects
  2. SONYC:
    1. Interested in managing community action projects, considering in the summer
    2. Work with local community organizations to identify opportunities
  3. Macro question: 150 community service hours or global citizens – how to merge both thoughts and generate a community impact
  1. Demand Letter
    1. Reviewed with minor corrections noted


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Next Meeting: December 17, 2015.