Meeting called to order.
In Attendance:

Parent Members
Kyle Pfortmiller
Tina Glover (PTA President)
Amy Gillman
Karen Kaapcke
Rhonda James
Kevin Daly
Faculty/Admin Members
Dimitriy FaybyShenko
Justin Diaz (Student Rep)
Anna Mhando (Student Rep)

Janet Miller (Parent, SLT
Mary Escalante (Parent)
Sherry French (Parent)
Andi Valequez (Parent)

1. Approval of Previous Minutes: No minutes were discussed. Core voting members not in attendance.
Old Business:
2. School Budget: Galaxy budget of 2015 fiscal year was presented. Detailed discussion was tabled until next meeting. Salaries, which are the majority of our budget, are not flexible.
3. Bylaws Review: Tabled until next meeting. Kyle Pfortmiller will review Updated bylaws and propose edits next meeting.
4. Grading Survey: Survey Committee needs one more meeting to complete initial questions. Meeting time to be decided via email. The completed survey will be presented next meeting.
5. School Culture:
A. Mott Hall MS proposed dual SLT meeting is still in the planning stages.
B. East Side Community HSvisit is still attempting to have date set.
C. Next year we are planning 1 day a month for culture building exercises that will be worked into school schedule.
D. A joint PS 125/CCS teacher lunch is scheduled for 6/4.
E. We would like to plan a joint school picnic.
6. Political Outreach:
A. Senator Espiallat toured our school and urged the students to send him a letter identifying the school’s colocation issues. This letter was composed and sent to his office, noting inadequate space and facilities for all Bunche Campus schools and requesting a full evaluation of the campus. We will track progress from this action.
B. We continue to be in contact with Gayle Brewer’s office to voice our concerns. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for students through her office.
C. It was proposed that the SLT draft a letter describing our space problems (see below) and send it to the mayor/school chancellor etc.
7. Facilities:
A. Kipp Star will not move their elementary school to our school complex during the 2015-16 school year. They are scheduling meetings with each co-located school separately. They must hold community meetings to publically discuss how the proposed additional elementary school will affect the community as a whole.
B. We will need more space next year.
(1) We are slated to have 4 cohorts instead of 3 in grades 6 and 9.
(2) We are getting more special-needs students, requiring more classroom space and teachers which the DOE is not providing. Approximately 20% of new incoming CSS students placed by the DOE did not meet CSS standard requirements. (This is particularly challenging as we do not separate students by their academic performance.) In addition, due to this policy students who were of District 5, met our acceptance requirements, and had siblings in our school were not slotted to CSS.
New Business:
8. Increasing/Improving Parent Involvement:
A. School Orientation for Incoming Families, including various methods for involvement, and how involvement benefits them.
B. Expanding our circle of parental involvement/ Creation of a protocol for response to those whose have reached out to volunteer.
C. PTA/SLT in Spanish
9. Streamlining communications: Receiving one email that highlights all announcements for the week rather than 20 announcing each individual activity/ item. Categories where announcements can be slotted. Events/Meetings/Volunteering/ If you can only do 3 things this month
10. Community Involvement: Increase Parent attendance to CEC meetings to provide PR for CSS.
Next Meeting: June 11 AND June 18