Meeting called to order.
In Attendance:

Parent Members
Amy Gillman
Karen Kaapcke-Lepique

Faculty/Admin Members
Miriam Nightengale
Amanda Valenti (UFT
Dmitriy Faybayshenko

Janet Miller (Parent, SLT
Andi Velasquez (Admin)
Rhonda James (Parent)
Sherry French (Parent)
Mark Kerman (Parent)

1. Approval of Previous Minutes: No minutes were discussed. Core voting members not in attendance.
2. Special Events/School Culture-Building:
A. Career day was a success; thanks to all who volunteered and prepared to make it happen!
Guidance Counselors coordinated the event which focused on: resume building/ organization and networking skills/ panel discussions and workshops.
B. Proposed: Field day focused on trust building activities
Leadership building skills
Be a sixth grader for the day; Invite PS125 5th graders
Building study skills
3. Recognition: American Educator has recognized our Philosophy teacher Diana Senechal with a published article on CSS and its Philosophy program. This is a prestigious publication and we offer our congratulations to Professor Senechal! The article discusses the importance of philosophical thought in preparing a young mind to assimilate knowledge. We are very privileged to have such a great teacher coordinating our philosophy program!
4. Co-Location: We continue to have congestion with PS 125 and Kipp Starr, which can cause friction between the schools and create a hostile environment.
Gym Space: PS 125 wants gym time, Kipp Starr requires afterschool time for their basketball program and CSS is required by law to offer PE as PE credits are required for graduation.
PS 125 has concerns for young students in hall way encounters with older High school students. Public displays of affection and disparities in student population physical size have been cited as inappropriate and unsafe.
Each year we must negotiate cafeteria times.
Next year CSS will be required by the DOE to take on more IEP, 12:1:1, and ICT students. This requires more class room space and more teachers of which we have neither!
The 6th floor continues to be an area of coveted space. Could this not be made into a library that could be shared by all 3 schools? And then still available for community meeting use?
We must as a co-located school community come together, and demand a long term plan for each school’s pattern of growth and individual needs to be met. Only as a group can we ask for the co-located communities’ needs to be met!
5. Facilities/Renovation: We have acquired $ 300,000 for renovations of the Auditorium—$150,000 from Gayle Brewer’s office, and $150,000 from Mark Levine’s office. We are currently discussing the best ways to spend this funding.
The POOL IS READY! Testing for student proficiency is being set up. There are plans for an unveiling party. (PS 125 has been using pool during the renovations of locker rooms, as they are under a different program called Asphalt Green.)
There is water damage beneath the auditorium which is being addressed.
6. Funding/ Political Outreach: We are still attempting to acquire the portfolio funding which we were allotted upon inception of the school but quit receiving during the transition of principals.
Participatory Budgeting is now in the voting stage. Proposal submitted by CSS students to convert playground to a field made the ballot. If you are a voter in District 7 and over the age of 14 you are eligible to vote for which project you think is best! Get out and exercise your right to VOTE!!!!
7. Experiential Learning: In keeping with our hope to increase outside experiential learning, our Engineering program in combination with Columbia University’s Engineering program are providing opportunities for our students to be part of research that is being published in engineering journals.
8. Grading Survey: Tabled for this meeting. Update next meeting.
9. Elections: Member turnover nominations take place in May.

Meeting Adjourned. Next Meeting 4/30, 4:45 PM.