Meeting called to order.
In Attendance:

Parent Members
Kevin Daly (SLT Chair)
Tina Glover (PTA Chair)
Daniel Jerome
Karen Kaapcke-Lepique
Amy Gillman
Kyle PfortMiller

Faculty/Admin Members
Miriam Nightengale
Amanda Valenti (UFT
Stephen Meinshein
Dmitriy Faybyshenko
Lynn Teide
Alba Augicani (Student Rep)
Justin Diaz (Student Rep)

Janet Miller (Parent, SLT
Wanye Collier (Parent)
Angel Wang (Parent)
Richard Hara (Parent)
Andi Velasquez (Admin)
Donizetti Gonzalez (SONYC)
Sherry French (Parent)

1. Approval of Previous Minutes: No minutes for approval
2. Community-Based Education Plan (CEP): Review of goals and assessment of progress towards February targets (to be assessed by February 27).
A. Grading protocol not yet met
B. Monthly meetings to align seven year curriculum: Teachers and administration meet by departments to set up curriculum and make sure there is continuity and logical development of required material.
C. Review out of class opportunities: this goal will be assessed in June 2015
CEP Completed signatures are still needed for signoff. Each voting member must sign off on CEP for submission.
3. Grading Policies: An issue raised during development of the CEP was looking at school-wide grading policies. An effort towards a quality review with feedback for students.
A working group was established with parents (Janet, Wayne, Sherry, Karen), teachers/admin (Miriam, Demitriy, Stephen, Professor J), and students (Alba, Justin). Early meeting(s) to establish questions that could be taken to the larger school community: What grading systems are in place now? Are grades curved or straight? How much weight is given to different categories of work? Does feedback happen in a timely fashion (what defines a “timely fashion”)? Are expectations and goals clearly and consistently discussed? Are the effects of our grading policies as anticipated, and are they positive?
Working group must establish basic questions before going to larger community: What do we want to review? What are the areas of investigation for the group? How should we investigate? This is a very complex and sensitive subject, to be approached carefully.
Tina Glover voted to be facilitator. First meeting February 5, 2015.
4. School Culture: We plan to implement tours to see what types of school communities have been created elsewhere and to use these examples to help enhance our school culture. We chose schools we think are comparable to CSS with high levels of parental involvement and interesting school models.
• Mott Hall has high level of student engagement with each individual having a feeling of importance.
• East Side Community High level of parental involvement and high scoring environmental quality review.
Wanye volunteered to visit schools and to establish meetings with those schools’ SLTs and PAs. Andi will identify additional schools to visit and attempt to contact other parent coordinators by February.
5. Prose Programs: Lynn, Demitriy, and Miriam are exploring the Prose program for school improvement ideas. Prose schools apply for waivers which allow them to step out of DOE regulations for certain academic rigor or culture building.
We want to create outside experiences that not only build culture but go beyond DOE requirements/perspective that don’t overtax staff. We want to create structures that support what we already have and go further.
6. Political outreach: CSS has been lobbying for beneficial projects via the “Participatory Budgeting” process: Water harvesting equipment in and for the school Garden; converting a portion go Morningside Park into soccer field.
7. Facilities:
A. New PA system is in progress. Includes a wireless network update, new phone system, room by room hardware allowing building-wide announcements
B. Bathroom project is nearly complete. Sign off and acceptance by the Custodian is required to declare job finished. CSS community not officially involved.
8. Parent Volunteer Day: Andi will attempt to poll teachers to see what improvements they would want and then we can set a date.
9. Noise Study: Cafeteria has been observed to be extremely noisy which can be a detriment for those who need to study, as it is one of the only places students can gather to study. Improving the acoustics (such as by cutting reverberation) is expensive, and requires physical change. Previously CSS attempted to regulate behavior to keep it quieter, when the school was smaller. Off-campus lunch is not feasible.
10. Phone Policy: By new regulation, a school policy allowing and cell phones and describing allowed use needs to be created and in effect By March 2, 2015. A draft version was circulated and discussed.
7:45 -8:00 am before school quick home check in
NOT ON DURING THE DAY (Phones may only be used with supervision as an assignment in class)
3:20 – 6:00 After school check in
If phone is misused it is confiscated; parent must then pick it up
NO gaming devices/Music devices on school campus
To ensure satisfying regulation, Cell Phone Policy will be finalized by email and changes will be made by comments submitted. No comments mean vote to approve on February 26.
11. Afterschool Programs: New after school director Donizetti Gonzalez attended and spoke. Safety plan for pool has been signed off by PS125 principal and has been submitted for approval. Swimming will be offered as soon as we have that approval.
12. Homework-Free Weekend: Homework free weekend discussion was tabled.
Meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for February 26, 4:45 PM.