Meeting was called to order.
In attendance:

Parent Members
Kevin Daly (SLT Chair)
Tina Glover (PTA Chair)
Karen Kaapcke-Lepique
Kyle Pfortmiller
Amy Gillman

Faculty/Admin Members
Miriam Nightengale (Principal)
Amanda Valenti (UFT Rep)
Dmitriy Faybyshenko
Lynn Tiede
Justin Diaz (Student Rep)
Alba Avoricani (Student Rep)

Janet Miller (Secretary,
Sherry French (Parent)
Andi Valesquez (Admin)

Special Meeting: Draft CEP Development
A new format for the CEP has been sent out. It will be directly uploaded onto school website without an editing process. Public will see unedited document. DOE is not monitoring what will be seen publicly.
The new format has 5 goals which are aligned to the Chancellor’s 6 elements of the capacity framework.
There is an assessment of goal achievement in February.
-the yearly cycle is a deficit.
Because we are starting from scratch we took the meeting to brainstorm new ideas under current new framework.
I. Rigorous Instruction:
7 year curriculum
Increase Mastery >85%
Increase Lab opportunities by 25%
Research development opportunities outside the state curriculum which provide experiences for the most students
• Have the experiences be student-driven, real-world
• Create institutional memory
• Competitions
• Creation of volunteer data base
II. Supportive Environment
• Create Database to collect community service
• Create student Database which follows student through each grade which identifies strengths and weaknesses; ID on administrator/teacher who knows student well who can help place student in outside learning experiences
• Expand Teachers college program
• Dynamic grading not seeing failure as unsuccessful but as a learning process; have a school wide discussion of grading policy and culture.
III. Collaborative Teachers
• More holistic grading assessment
• Transfer of students’ work throughout scholastic career
• Flexibility in teaching curriculum and pedagogy
• Investigate “Prose” program
• Additional professional development that isn’t constrained by teachers’ evaluations of students based on testing only.
• Middle school vs high school grading: should it change stay the same
IV. Effective School Leadership:
• Investigate “Prose” programs
• Review grading ,weighting, philosophy, objectives
• Create institutional memory
V. Strong Families & Communities:
• Participatory budgeting
• Outreach Community profile create long term partnerships
• Increase regularity of parent participation
• Increase D5 applications
• Outside CSS presence at events
• Broader Involvement with local groups which can serve as outside experiential learning opportunities
• Determine most effective involvement type; ID simple parent tasks
• Additional modes of communication
• Create database for tracking student community service
• High school counselor visits early to develop plan and parent awareness of requirements