Meeting called to order.
In Attendance:

Parent Members
Kevin Daly (SLT chair)
Tina Glover (PTA chair)
Kyle Pfortmiller

Faculty/Admin Members
Miriam Nightengale (Principal)
Diana Lennon (UFT delegate)
Stephen Meinshein
Dmitriy Falayslenko
Lynn Tiede Teacher
Justin Diaz (Student Rep)

Janet Miller (Parent, SLT
Dan Novak (Admin)
Venine Beckford (Parent)
Roxana Bosch (Parent,
Andi Valequez (Parent,
Sherry French (Parent)

1. Approval of October Minutes: Pending completion of draft minutes. Tabled.
2. Community-Based Education Plan: Meeting was set to review data for creation of CEP. CEP is a set of goals established to further the enhancement of curriculum created in collaboration of school community i.e. Administration, Teachers, Parents, and Students.
Discussion was led by Miriam. CEP format will be completely remodeled and as of meeting time Miriam had not received new format so it was decided to review data and wait for new format to create goals.
Data reviewed:
1. School quality guide: New school grade created by quality review and school evaluation by school community.
• Middle school- Current Status: Good standing. The data set in the quality review is created by comparing CSS with schools who score above and below CSS scores on state exams, passing courses, earning high school credits, and improvement on state exams.
– Because our students come to our school with high scores on state exam we tend to do poorly on Student progress as our students continue to do well for the most part.
– This data is not so helpful as it is based on a system of adjusted growth percentile.
– We have a large percent of students who receive high school credit before high school.
• High School- Current Status: Good standing. The data set in the quality review is created by comparing CSS with schools who score above and below CSS scores on state exams, passing courses, earning high school credits, Passing regents, and improvement on state exams.
– Progress is determined by achievement of high school credits our percentages are high
– Our graduation rate is 100%
– Our college readiness exceeds targets.

2. June 2014 regents results:
• Our passing rates are high for the most part. We could improve on mastery scores 85-100%.
• We need to improve our Algebra II trig scores which is why we have divided the course into 3 semesters instead of 2.

3. Columbia University grades:
• Our students have performed well Mostly A’s and B’s except for the 2013 summer which has taught us to scale back our selection process for summer courses.

4. Advanced placement cohorts Scores of 75% or greater in Math and English regents:
• CSS places 7th at an average of 86.5 %

5. Combined STA socres: 1642 without SAT prep in our curriculum
• This places CSS 15 in the city the top 7%. Again this is based on our curriculum alone.

6. College Matriculation: All of our students were accepted to colleges/universities except one who chose to enter the Armed Services.
• We Broke up the choices made by students based on Income and ethnicity and gender
– The majority of our graduates 42 chose a 4 year Private University( half low income half not low income), 38 chose 4 year public university (29 low income 9 not low income). 11 students chose a 2 year Public university the majority low income.

7. Marking Period grades for Fall 2014 this is the most interesting data as it shows real time student performance broken into income, gender, and ethnicity.
• This data shows a trend that students of low income and minority steadily perform below mastery above 85%. – the majority of our students pass but we would like to see mastery in all of our students.
– We will address this in the CEP.
Current CEP goals were reviewed.
We discussed the need to get more students and parents aware of the process for college application.
• SAT course not currently well attended
• SATII not able to finance them
Attendance at Parent/teacher conferences:
– Middle school 70-80%
– High School 30-40%
Need to develop strategies for reaching parents and rotating them
– Collect survey of how parents would like to be contacted.
– Text message service
– Phone message, email
– Parent buddies
– Grade specific orientation

Meeting was adjourned. next meeting 11/20/2014.