Meeting called to order.
In Attendance:

Parent Members
Kevin Daly, Chair
Tina Glover (PTA)
Karen Karapcke-Lipique
Amy Gillman
Daniel Jerome
Mark Kerner

Faculty/Admin Members
Miriam Nightengale (Principal)
Amanda Valenti (UFT)
Lynn Teide
Stephen Meinshein
Dmitriy Faybyshencko
Alba Avoricani (Student Rep)

Janet Miller, Secretary
Richard Hara
Sherry French
Sarah Gonick

1. Middle School Program: Program Director Gonek presented.
– After School swimming class has been canceled due to outdated safety plan.
Current safety plan is from 2008 and has outdated signatures. A safety plan is currently being developed by with Y program officials and PS 125. Experienced Volunteers are needed to help with this process. Students who had signed up for swimming have been matriculated into other after school classes.
– Middle School students are required to stay on school campus from 3:20 School dismissal until their after school classes start at 4:00. This is enforced by security and sign in sheets. Children are given snacks during this break time. Attendance is counted and parents will be notified of in-attendance.
2. Approval of September Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and edited. Movement for approval was made By Miriam and seconded by Stephen. Minutes were approved with edits.
– June 2014 minutes not sent by Sephali yet
3. Visitor Issues: No New NON-Member business
4. Vote to Amend By Laws: Non-member allowed to be Secretary.
– Moved by Kevin seconded by Stephen
– Amendment passed.
5. Membership Change: Warren Orange withdrew SLT seat via email. Proposal to have Amy Gillman become full voting member
– made by Stephen seconded by Lynn
– Proposal passed.
6. CEP Goals: We need Data to create new goals
We want to look at State Test scores in ELA and Math however this data can be limited we are compared to 25 schools in the city with scores above and below our scores.
– our scores differ from other schools We don’t track students
– state tests and how they are evaluated are constantly changing
– State score aren’t reflective of how are students are improving Regent and SAT scores are more accurate.
– Idea is to gather data that gives us useful information
We want to look at data that can show us how we need to improve our curriculum to reach all students to create success defined as:
– Achieving mastery in passing classes and Regents 85-100%
– accumulating high school credits
– Graduation with honors and college credits or equivalence
– Matriculation into college or University upon graduation
– Graduation from college (when we can collect that data)
7. Facilities Update:
– Bathrooms floors 3 and 5 essentially complete
– PA has been started however we do not know at what stage the process is.
– We need an electrical up grade from street access we do not have the capacity to turn on AC and lights in some classes.
– Library is it possible to locate it on the 6th floor?
➢ St Luke’s Baptist church has been given permission to use 6th floor and auditorium for bible studies and services with a long term contract.
➢ Council of Educational Equity is currently evaluating the guide lines for space required by state law.
– Auditorium PA upgrades are to be financed by PTA funds.
8. Elected Official Outreach:
– Mark Levine’s office : training for interpreters
– Teen’s on Board Group presentations for solar powered collection pumps for CCS garden and Soccer field in Morningside Park presented by CSS students
– Continue outreach with Promotion of who we are and how can we create a partnership
9. Funding:
– We currently have ITC and 12:1:1 classes in 6th, 7th and 9th grade classes. We have the funding for one extra position for these classes. We do not track these students they are expected to complete the same curriculum as all of our students. We need more funding to adequately serve these students. Parents must fight to get the resources these students need!
– We have NO discretionary spending funds.
10. Maintenance:
– In comparison to other STEM schools school cleanliness and classroom upkeep is poor.
– Lighting fixtures are old and of low quality. Can we change bulbs to be more green? Lynn will ask about this with sustainability office. Poll teachers and administration is lighting and blinders ample?-( Since meeting a letter has been sent to school stating lighting fixtures will be renovated due PCB’s)
11. External Math/science competitions: tabled

Meeting closed

Next Meeting 11/20/2014, 4:45. There will be another meeting decided by poll between now and next scheduled meeting to advance CEP.