Minutes recorded by:
M. Hill

SLT Minutes
Recorded by M. Hill

Barbara Jones, 8th grade parent
Sara Workman, 10th grade parent
Boyana Konforti, 8th grade parent
Miriam Nightengale, CSS Principal
Damaris Padilla, 10th grade parent
Kiambra Griffin, 10th grade student
Emily Kerman, 10th grade student
Sephali Ray, CSS teacher
Meredith Hill, CSS teacher
Janet Miller, 7th grade parent (SLT chair)
Bob Freidman, CU Representative
Sean Stanton, 7th & 10th grade parent
John Feldman, 7th, 8th, & 10th grade parent

Phil Hubbard, CSS teacher
Stephen Meinschein, CSS teacher
Candy Gulko, 10th grade parent
Mark Kerman, 7th & 10th grade parent
Eve Cagan, 10th grade parent

1. Approval of Minutes

1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, 4:45

Remuneration/SLT Training Sessions

  • Can be individual; if you attend training and turn in form, money goes to you. If you do not, money goes to school budget.
  • To get money, must attend 1 hr training; Janet will look for list of training locations and times to share with SLT
  • Damaris: will look into training for aligning CEP & Budget (has attended; is useful!)

CEP Goals

  • Miriam’s proposed goals


1. Over 2011-12 year, to develop 7 year course sequences [See Miriam’s proposal for Section V]

    • How do we integrate experiential learning into course sequences?
      • incl. building real-life portfolio of accomplishments along the way
      • also developing content knowledge
      • linked to testing goals (look at test scores)
      • Develop qualitative criteria/goals too
    • Questions/comments:
      • Need to incorporate tasks in interdisciplinary approach
      • Will develop action plan to carry out
      • Need to project forward for 7-year sequence
      • Idea to create electronic portfolios that grow with students (Sephali)
      • Portfolios in general (need for building both portfolios of work and other accomplishments)

2. Developing Partnership w/ Columbia & other academic & social institutions to develop a network (apply course learning in real-world context)

  • i.e., Moot Court – get students to compete outside of the school; working with law firm; etc.
  • i.e., Future City Competition – in 8th grade
  • Need for coordinator for these opportunities
  • Connection to electives?
  • Connect to first goal; 7 year content tied to 7 year partnership connections
  • Various connections ready: need to not miss opportunities (Boyana mentioned JCC connection, math tutors connection)
  • ADD objective: Teachers identifying potential projects/partnerships to explore with this
  • Course input, student input, high school for now (short term), long term too
  • acting locally, thinking globally
  • Connect with CU libraries & research capabilities
  • Need to visit budget as well (SLT can see budget; budget decisions are made by principal… we can look at it, must be aligned with CEP… budget can dictate what we can and cannot do)
    • Miriam: budgets that are down here (as measurable objectives) are fundable; possibilities we are tossing around are not in the CEP – not responsible for aligning these things; if we solidify them in CEP, need to be accountable.
    • Objectives can be added; need to discuss and figure out if they are possible with current (or possible future funding)
      • Note: possibility of Community Outreach Coordinator to set up opportunities that would ultimately save money on electives, etc.
      • Miriam: Possible to bring DOE budget to the table so that we can view this concretely in conjunction with constraints (perhaps foundation budget too?)
      • Mark: Foundation needs to fund raise through having clear goals for what money is for, what programming is being served, etc.

3. Development of organizational and structural infrastructure to better support academic & social programs.

  • Need to visit space needs (incl. with HS students).  What is capacity for each school?  Conversation on Miriam’s agenda to have w/ Portfolio
  • Miriam will go for full expansion as part of goal
  • LOCKER needs.
    • Plant managers can install lockers for us, but we need to pay!  How much will it cost?
    • Lockers are not item that can be funded through building guarantees.  Lockers are not guaranteed.
    • Could get through Reso-A grant, etc.
    • Conversation that needs to happen with SCA: What does HS look like as opposed to K-5 school?
  • Also, need for advanced science labs as school grows…
  • Need to put together plan for expansion & present to correct local business people…
  • Damaris: Proposal to have subcommittee to hash out plans and brainstorm who we can work with to get support and money we need.
  • Motion for overall space committee/exploration of political captial; passed:
    • Phil!, Damaris, Emily K.,
  • Scheduling needs (in need of revisiting for next year)

Proposals for new goals:

  • Admissions (Hill)
  • Computer lab (Ray)

Review of Progress Report

Discussion of HS credits

  • Need for specific credit requirements spelled out/clarified
  • Need to assess reasons behind students failing in past years
  • Miriam: Combination of factors here

CEP goals – pass via consensus agreement

C-30 for AP

  • Posting Nov. 1; need C-30 by Nov. 1
  • C-30 After that
  • Miriam will bring C-30 regs next time

HS Update:

  • Meeting tomorrow
  • Inquiry about investigation of Sammie Smith: will take 45-60 days.

PA Updates:

    • Barbara Jones – PA Title I Representative
    • Revising communication to families; involvement and engagement of families
    • Need 100+ more lunch forms

Add’l items:

    • School Parent Compact
    • School Parental Involvement
    • Need these things if we are Title I
    • (Janet handed out examples)

People Miriam mentioned to reach out to:
Christine Quinn
Robert Jackson
Gayle Brewer

Political move: what does this do for community?