Minutes recorded by:
M. Hill


SLT Meeting Minutes:


Recorded by M. Hill

Present – 
Janet Miller, SLT President, 7th grade parent
John Feldman, 7th, 8th, & 10th grade parent
Sean Stanton, SLT member, 7th & 10th grade parent
Sara Workman, 10th grade parent
Maria Herrera, PA co-president, 7th & 8th grade parent
Kiambra Griffin, SLT student rep, CSS 10th grader
Emily Kerman, SLT student rep, CSS 10th grader
Sammie Smith, SLT member, HS teacher
Jonathan Watnick, SLT member, HS teacher
Phil Hubbard, SLT member, MS teacher, 10th grade parent
Kim Terranova, SLT member, 10th grade teacher
Miriam Nightengale, SLT member, Principal
Eve Cagan, 10th grade parent
Meredith Hill, MS teacher
Sephali Rey, HS teacher
Mark Kerman, 10th grade parent
Bob Friedman, CU representative

1. Minutes from last meeting (June) to come – Sean Stanton will type and send

2. Report from Phil on building site for chem labs in basement.

  • Building is underway
  • Not going to be ready for January; will be ready for June
  • Email Phil with any questions to bring to SCA, Phil will meet with them and then report back
  • Phil & Miriam Hubbard have determined color scheme
  • Q: Why not done until June?
    • Phil: Due to excessive vent installation through other classrooms and other issues, lab will take extensive time.


3. By Laws

  • Q: Should we add members per grade? Should we keep it as we have it?
    • Note: Teacher & Parent numbers need to be equal to follow regulations
    • Thus: Should we add more parents?  We will then need more teachers?
    • Concern with balancing number of teacher representation w/ parent representation?
    • Teachers: at next UFT meeting will need to vote in teachers
    • Parents: at next PA meeting will need to vote in new parents (2), hopefully some representation from incoming grade
      • Need to give 10 days notice for election


3. Other Bylaws Changes:

  • Change # of voting members to 14 (to represent 6-12 grade growth)
  • Bylaws will be posted online
  • Please read Bylaws, can bring any other notes to next SLT mtg.


4. Discussion of Principal Performance Review (PPR)

  • Document handed over by Gary
  • Miriam – question about goals – are highly exam based (Acuity/State test); new PPR goals need to involve Common Core, etc. These goals are looking backwards, Miriam would like to see these goals move to a forward look and adapt new PPR goals that speak to the important things for the community.
  • Miriam – PPR goals are Principal’s personal rating, in the same way teacher observations speak to teachers’ personal ratings. Adds up with QR, etc. for school score.  This document would’ve been used this year for Superintendent to check in with Gary on his goals, looking back at previous year’s goals.  Miriam will be making new goals this fall for next year’s evaluation.
  • Focus on revising CEP goals as community goals, sketch out goals for this school year, looking forward?


5. Focus on CEP goals?

  • Elective program is not aligned to state test scores; yet they have huge budget ($180,000).  So the CEP goals (CEP-May 2010, p. 13) do not align.
  • Miriam: Do we want to rethink our goals for the CEP?
  • Sean: CEP was pushed through quickly in the spring, should’ve been done in Oct.
  • Miriam: Do we want to sign off on this one and then revise? If we want to create goals that are more reflective to the community, we could try to get an extension (past Oct) to revise and then pass.
    • Emily: Agrees, referencing diversity of classroom offerings and experiences
    • Phil: Agreement in taking time
    • Maria: Notes importance of transparent and *real* public nface about what we’re going to do
  • Did we achieve these goals?
  • Phil: Make a motion to solicit the approval to get as much time as possible to review the CEP and align it more with what the real goals and purpose of CSS are. Aim to get whole student, faculty, parent body on same page.
    • Votes in favor.
    • Miriam will request extension from Gale Reeves; also we can work on moving towards figures and goals
    • Q: Is there a recommended # of goals?
      • 3-5
    • Q: Should we meet more frequently?
      • Yes, we will be meeting bi-weekly as SLT as school year starts
  • Miriam: We don’t want to belittle these goals and need for test scores; these are important values to these goals.  These, however, should be by-products of what we are doing, they will come with the strength of curriculum.
  • Time table for goals?
    • Miriam: Next time, will bring data, along with qualitative statements from students (Emily will help gather); information from teachers’ work on goals and visions; get parent input
      • Kiambra: could have parents involved in the same capacity as students – looking at CSS mission statement
    • Completion date by November; Ideas and reflections on the goals by next meeting (Tues, Oct. 4th, 4:45)
  • Miriam: We can work digitally, circulate ideas based on qualitative reflections before next meeting
    • Next meeting: Tues, Oct. 4th, 4:45 pm.  Bring ideas on CEP
    • SLT will be 1st and 3rd Tues of every month.


6. SLT Stipend:

  • $300 stipend in CSS budget allotted to SLT members.  We can vote to waive this stipend, have done so in the past.
  • Q: Does the request to waive have to be unanimous?  (thought is yes, then people who donate can cut it back to the school)
  • Q: If money back in budget, can we choose where it goes? (Note: money is paid in July)
  • Note: To get stipend, need to fill out paperwork, need to attend 2 hr training.
  • Phil: Move to waive the stipend; seconded.
  • Q: Should we wait to know if individuals can opt in or out? Does it have to be consensus?
  • Q: Do we know when SLT training sessions are?
    • Janet will bring this schedule in next time.  Those who keep stipend need to attend to receive stipend.


7. High School Committee (Eve)

  • HS Committee has been active over summer
  • Candy has schedule of HS committee meeting 1x/mo.
  • Need to outreach to other families that haven’t been involved yet.
  • List for issues had immediate operational decision making issues (scheduling/curriculum/etc.) + list of essentials to ensure that 1st graduating class (and successive) get best education they can to be prepared for college application.
  • Next meeting, need to revisit this list to address priorities for next month.
  • Kiambra: if we stress college readiness aspect of these meetings, we will get more participation
  • Q: Is guidance counselor going to be an academic counselor as well?
    • Miriam: She has worked to restore scheduling, data input, remediate inconsistencies in scheduling issues.  Her focus will be on academic counseling; will also address social counseling needs.
  • Sean: Will she also be doing psychology/counseling/social work needs?
    • Miriam: She does have a guidance counselor license, she can address student needs (note is not a social worker).
    • Sean: There was someone in the building for the full building?
    • Miriam: She was an ATR (Absent teacher reserves); ATRs cannot stay in same site more than a year; was moved.
    • Miriam: We can work on defining how we will shape our priorities (part of CEP & Budget Alignment).  If we can’t afford a social-emotional focused counselor, are there other ways to think about getting that service? It’s very important.  There are a lot of issues that come up and deserve attention, but we will need someone who is an expert in that area.  Elsa is a mandated reporter, trained in identifying signs of abuse, etc.  As we grow we may want to think about a dedicated college counselor.  There is also need for counselor to outreach to colleges… needs to happen now for growing high school needs.


[Few notes on chem issues/sci stuff]:

  • There is a mobile chem lab at present (SCA-provided, $50,000 lab, which is already put into use.  Miriam is going to bring over a science consultant to make sure it meets safety needs).
  • Janet handed over contact for Bio Bus contact
  • Lab use at CU being explored


8. PA update (Maria Herrera)

  • Exec board met with Miriam this week; got a feel for Miriam’s long range vision.
  • Maria – notes positive response to Miriam’s work so far, looking at 7-yr curriculum.
  • Miriam will present at next PA meeting to parent body.
  • Reference to handbook started by PA; need to address policies to clarify for parents (little things, like bathroom policy, HW policy; as well as safety issues – worth revisiting, definitely going to come back to the table; communication in general)
  • Miriam: Q. about communication – email doesn’t reach everyone; notes in backpacks not always going home; is there another route? Phone chains? – Agreement around need to address this.
  • Miriam: can finish handbook after CEP (teacher/parent/student handbook).
  • Discussion about parent needs to hear about HW policy.
  • Discussion of handbook, potential of presenting a “How can I help my child succeed at CSS?” at future PTA meeting


10. Title I $?

  • Last year, no; previous years with different %, yes.
  • Last year, missing 108 forms (may have been detrimental)
  • Need to follow up and have lots of outreach for parents to return


11. Need to contact Maria Eder – getting info out about lunch forms.

12. Next meeting 4:45, Tues 10/4
– Revisit Stipend
– Discuss CEP
– C30 for Asst. Principal?

Emily: brings up open campus lunch for HS kids? – Miraim: longer discussion.