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2015–2016 PTA Executive Board Members

Co-Presidents: Venice Beckford, Kim Holmes, Laura Pfortmiller

Treasurer: Sean Stanton

Assistant Treasurer: Cintra Supersad

Recording Secretary: Rosa Bonilla

Vice President, Communications: Richard Rubin

Vice President, Facilities: Gregory Morris

Vice Presidents, Fundraising: Vickie Harcum, Elizabeth Ortecho, Jennifer Pasbjerg, Ivelisse Suarez

Vice Presidents, General: Kumiko Ashino, Daisy Gonzalez

Vice President, SLT: Kevin Daly

Community Liaison: Sherry French

District 5 Liaison: Diane Hunte


The Parent-Teacher Association welcomes all parents.  We look forward to increasing Parent Involvement and Participation to support our CSS Students and Community.  The PTA is an organization that exists solely for the benefit of our students and school community. Our fundraising efforts improve the overall CSS Community which includes students, faculty, parents and school administration. All money raised through our events is funneled back into other events for the students.

The Parent-Teacher Association sponsors many wonderful events throughout the school year. Some are fundraisers and some are for the children’s enjoyment. Our main events are:

Hispanic Celebration Event

Black History Celebration Event

Multi-Cultural Celebration Event

MS/HS School Dances

Athlete’s Awards


The PTA thanks all parents who have come forward in previous years, but we need more to come out and lend a helping hand. Please come to your PTA meetings and please volunteer.