Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering

Parent Teachers Association Meeting

November 17, 2010 – 6:00pm – In English and Spanish

1. Introductions: – Meeting was called to order at 6:11pm by Maria Herrera

The PA Executive Board was introduced as well as parents in attendance. Maria explained what the PTA has been doing and how parents can work together to continue building our infrastructure.

1. PTA Goals –
a. Suggestions on how we can help our kids work with teachers
b. Discussions on ways for all parents to help within the school community
c. Find parents to work independently on projects
d. Discuss that we are trying to get lockers

2. Lockers –
a. With little luck we may be able to ease the pain of our 8th and 9th graders back and shoulders. Candy has been researching and has spoken to the construction authority and is trying to set up a meeting. If anyone knows a parent or a friend that can help please do tell? As you all are aware CSS have a lot of needs that they cannot financially support.

3. Yearbook –
a. A group of parents wants to establish CSS’s first yearbook. A form will be sent home for parents to confirm their names, addresses and phone numbers.

4. Teacher Appreciation Lunch –
a. Parents thought it would be nice to show appreciation to our teachers by providing them with lunch and dinner during parent teacher’s conferences. We need a few parents to co-ordinate and organized this event. We are thinking to start at the next conference in April 2011.

5. Plaque For Nicole Suriel –
a. Boyana updated us on the development for a memorial plaque and the planting of a tree which will be at Morningside Park in the honor of Nicole Suriel. We are waiting for approval from the Parks Department.
b. The cost is about $1,700.00 and the student government is trying to raise money. We are asking for whatever donations one can afford. Checks or cash is accepted payable to the Parent Association. Yes, it’s a tax write off. One must put their name on the envelope.
c. As for the unveiling we would have a small ceremony and it all depends on the parks dept.
d. Parents wanted to know if the money for dress down days is going to be used for the plaque.
e. PA Safe is a little black box located in Roxanna’s office where one can drop of envelopes.

6. Treasurer’s Report –
a. In the bank there is $3,400.00
b. All the bills are paid including the planners and the bottles.
c. We made enough money to pay for the planners and a little profit.

7. SLT Report: As per Boyana
a. Discussed homework load especially the 6th and 9th grade .
b. Suggest one parent representative for each grade
c. Parents proposed that teachers should co-ordinate homework with each other to avoid test conflicts.
d. The high school group met with Dr. Maldonado
e. Suggest that high school teachers join the discussion on homework.

8. Committee Break out: English and Spanish Groups- Discuss Interest
a. Fundraising- the need to seriously raise money.
b. Roxana will contact grant writing committee to find about their progress.
c. Discuss the great need for computers in the Engineering class—would like a computer lab
d. Shawn explained the different aspect of the foundation and its resources
e. Questions about how much money is coming into the foundation.
f. Discussion on how there is no money for an assistant principal.
g. Talked about Columbia and it’s role within the school and their financial commitment
h. Teachers Assistance from TC
i. Sports Equipment
j. School Trips
k. Discuss Avery is going to find out what the foundation money is used for.
l. School Play
m. The lack of solid ideas on how to raise money
n. Don’t have the financial support from all of our parent body
o. Maria talked about going to our councilman and researching legal women voters
p. Library

There was the Spanish speaking group which Damaris hosted and mentioned that they had good ideas and great concerns for safety after school was dismissed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.