Columbia Secondary School for Science Math & Engineering Parents Association Meeting
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 6:00 p.m.

I. Introductions – Meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m.

a) Jose Maldonado would like to discuss the School Progress Report in a separate meeting. It was briefly discussed during Curriculum Night.

II. PA Goals- CSS is in its 4th year. It is a new school with an ambitious curriculum.

a) Are new parents set up with e-mails
b) Parent/Teacher relationship is being coordinated by K. Trueblood as Class Parent Representative. Help out with communication between the
teachers and families.
c) Fundraising – What are we raising money for this year?

III. Fitness and Permission Slips

a) Parents raised concerns regarding the new language on permission slips for field trips and swimming.
b) The forms were sent back to the DOE for thorough review so the language is correct.
c) The yard the students use for recess is not DOE property. It belongs to the NYC Parks Department. The students will need permissions slips to go out for recess.
d) All permission slips for gym have been voided including the Skateboard class.
e) Individual Field Trip slips are still okay.
f) Where can the parents make some noise to get the approval of the new permissions moving? The kids are suffering with no gym or recess outside of the school building. Suggestion- send e-mail to the Chancellor.
g) C. Putnam is following-up on the status.
h) Request to get a DOE liaison contact information.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a) There is $5,900.00 currently in the account
b) Problem- PA purchased 380 planners and only collected $1,000.00.
Memo stated payment was optional. There is a need to send out another request for payment. We expected to make $500.00. Planners should be distributed better the next time.
c) Picture Day – CSS will receive 20% of the sales. It will be held on 1/24/11. R. Kish will be organizing this event.
d) Walkathon – was not done through the PA last year. The PA will take over this event. It will be held on Earth Day. April 22nd.
e) Film Festival – barely broke even.
f) Graduation Party – generated some money
g) Box Tops – $250.00
h) Awards Dinner. The school was picking up the tab last year. PA needs to check in with Maldonado for this year.
i) Teacher Appreciation – gifts.
j) 2008 the PA helped with classroom supplies $500.00 and Teachers’ Aides
k) Suggestion – PA should purchase food for some of the school events. (e.g., Science Fair)

Budget was approved.

V. Projects

a) Tutors for Afterschool
b) School Store
c) Lockers for students- There must be 66 inches in the hallway. School Construction Authority has been contacted d) Author Visits
e) Afterschool Clubs
f) Parent Coordinating
g) Social Worker and Workshops- Homework, teachers, parents and students
h) Organizational Skills Workshops
i) V olunteers are needed for workshops j) Events- Set up and Clean up volunteers needed.

VI. Items are disappearing from the school and students’ backpacks.

VII. SLT has a Comprehensive Education Plan. They need two additional members.

a) Hall Parent Representative
b) Community Service

VIII. Hall representatives are still needed for 6th, 8th and 9th grades.

a) Send K. Trueblood attendance and class telephone list

IX. Convert PA into a PTA

a) Phillip Hubbard is on board. It needs to be discussed with the teachers.
b) Create a role for the teachers
c) No tax issue
d) Structure one meeting with parents only
e) There are no teachers on the Goggle group
f) Strengthen the relationship between the Parents and the Teachers
g) D. Novak is the new UFT representative

X. Suggestions

a) Science Urban Advantage – Tickets will be available in November/December
b) Communication Committee – Handbook Sections need to be drafted
c) 9th grade – Classes would mix in fell through
d) Lunch is crowded and there have been food fights during the 8th and 9th grade lunch period.
e) Meetings should occur with parents, teachers and Maldonado with students that are misbehaving.
f) Send Maldonado e-mail regarding conferences.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.