Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering
Parent Teachers Association Meeting
March 9, 2011 – 6:05pm – In English and Spanish

Dr Biester Spoke about:
• Teacher’s layoff – cluster representative- No new information on lay-off (LIFO)
• Personal opinion – no one should be lay off
• Dan Novak and Prof Hill – Job Fair at Teachers College – Huge turnout—incredible people—new to the profession- at least on paper they looked amazing. Very promising our school is still on the map.
• When asked why they are interested: Look at our website, did some research and have been following CSS from day one.
Maria Herrera – Rally tomorrow at 1pm at City Hall. Email or call CSS parents form a group and support us.
• Tomorrow’s focus – no lay offs
Parent Teacher Conference will be held on the evening of March 17th 2011 and on Friday afternoon March 18, 2011. CS S Student body will be dismissed after fourth period on Friday.
This year parent teachers conferences will be conducted differently. Instead of a team of five Professors meeting with parents we are going to have a signup sheet at each Professors door. There you would sign up and meet with individual professors for 5 minutes.
• Parent meet and great is tomorrow March 10th at 9am.
• 9th grade meet and greet March 17th 9am to 10am in the gym
Safety issues
• Ongoing assault –headphones taken away
• Not sure where the kids are from
• Dr Biester communicated with principal from PS 125
• PS 125 Kids throwing ice ball at CSS students
• CSS Student identifies kid in lunch room and he was transferred to another school.

• PS 125 parent was abusive and made threatening remarks
• Chris Tucker –safety person in district 5 is investigating
• Kid still showing up at CSS dismissal
• 2 days ago young man got punched and his phone was taken away
• At dismal ATR Principal and Phill Hubbard was informed and came to the rescue.
• Yet it continues another incident today March 9, 2011
• Parent suggested that the CSS student body made aware of Save Haven locations in the neighborhood
• Crossing guard leaves at 3:30pm and CSS is dismissed at 3:40pm a conflict of interest. There should be some kind of a protocol
• Dr. Beister not giving out personal #, try to get a blackberry and have a point person
• Parent expressed concern about a shooting incident. She was very upset that her child was scared-no point person incident on 123rd and Morningside
• Important that the police and parent be informed
• It’s a 1 kid crime spree—kid oscis # was identify and he was removed but keeps coming back
• Parent: What can we do?
• Attend the 26th precinct meeting. Principal speak with the police
• Parent rep, principal, police from Kipp, 125 and CSS to communicate and have serious discussions on how we all can help resolve this serious situation and make this school community safe equip to function.
How do we keep this kid away?
• Damaris: Chris says the school safety guards have the authority to arrest
• Security guard – says I am not running after the kids and that we are not allowed in certain perimeter
• Again there is a need for a Protocol
• Sara: we need more than a sign in sheet. We need a police officer to attend an assembly and speak with our children.
• Parent suggested a self defense course as an after school program.
• Sara: the kids need some tips on how to make the correct choices. Part of the police dept that does community outreach needs to join CSS children at Assembly.

• Parent: Our kids are too young to participate in self defence classes.
• Maria Herrera: explained self defense meaning doesn’t hang around; keep all electronics in their bags.
• Damaris: suggested that the kids do not hang around the neighborhood after school and that we should emphasized that they go home.
• Our kids need development- must use their common sense and hide all of their electronic
• Dr Biester – Again the Principal at PS 125 thinks we are profiling her kids.
• Emily talked to the Principal at PS125 about a mentoring and reading buddy program but did not get any response.
Parent: we need to know our boundaries with PS 125. We should not be using the same Gym. There are 2 in the building.
CSS is at footprint however PS 125 is over footprint.
We have to communicate with all the schools that occupy this building and come to a resolution that will be accommodating to all.
Parent: It’s one building, how difficult can it be.
Parent: What’s happening with the lockers? As per Candy Gulko we can only use the SCE contractors to install the lockers and it will cost us approximately 85,000.
The Hallways have to be a certain width 3 x 7 = 21
Boyanna – pursing the DOE where is the money they had set aside to build the building on 125 and Broadway. We can use that money for lockers and the rest for building our labs.
According to Elizabeth Ross – Elementary school is supposed to be bigger.
Parent: Can we build up in this building. Good question, not sure, this is a landmark building.
Walkathon Goal is each student $100.00
Report from SLT – Principal
Ad is delayed because it had to be vetted by legal and talent at the DOE. The DOE dismantled our ad. As we speak Marge is working very diligently to get our words back.
Discussed – Potential on having an extension on the C30 process, maybe up to six months because w e want to have some latitude.
We want to have someone ready to go by June 2011.
The Foundation for Excellence is hiring a headhunter and pursing a nationwide search. The ad will be placed in the NY Times and paid for by the Foundation of Excellence. We also discussed the requirements. The ad will be in the NY Times hopefully by this weekend.
We want to take out all the DOE blah and have a link to the DOE website
If we find a qualify principal in another state we hope the DOE will expedite the process otherwise it would take 6 to 9 month.
Parent: we need a principal to continue the vision of CSS
Prof Hubbard spoke about the chemistry lab saying that the Chemistry professor is very confident that he/she can teach chemistry without a lab
Report from Eva and Damaris
• Contract award 4- 6 wks
• Work begins in the summer
• Ready Jan 2012
• Construction is being constructed by the SEC

Meeting adjourned by 7:39pm