Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering
Parent Teachers Association Meeting
February 9, 2011 – 6:06pm – In English and Spanish

Meeting began at 6:06pm
Dr Biester could not attend however the PTA met with him before our meeting. We will relay what we discussed.
• J-Term – Letter was sent home with our children
• Trips for the month of June
• Staff put a lot of time and energy restructuring J-Term
• How to make J-Term fair and co-ordinate with current study and grow the programs
• 6th grade – New York City Base
• 7th grade – New York City
• 8th grade – Northeast
• 9th grade – Continental USA
Parent wanted to know if preservation is going to be made for our children to be safe.
Maria responded: For the faculty Risk Management has been a study and that safety is one of their primary focuses. Some staff is trained for specific trips. Parent volunteers are welcome.
In planning J-Term the staff thought about the children emotional and study development. As for 6th grade they recognized it would be a bonding experience.
The children had a special assembly and J-Term was discussed but it not complete. The J-Term team is still adding and subtracting.
Parent asked about overnight trips: Maria Herrera was not sure about the overnight trips
Parent: Is it still the same if your child is at risk of failing that they would have Academic Support for J-Term.
Academic support is as important as J-Term.
Parent: Is J-Term still by House? Yes but different in the high school
Propose in 12th grade for house to mix have choices—the plan is to design one’s own J-Term

Part of J-Term- element of community service- its formal part of education and community piece together for J-Term.
Parent: Is the kids going to have Prep time for test taking.
Yes, prep time would be given returning from trips
J-Tern is very expensive and we do have to cut down because of finances
The PTA has a little bit of money and we want to support CSS teachers with a mini grant
• In the Bank – $5,000.00
• Faculty Request: Yearbook – $800.00 for cameras.
• Parent: the school has camera and we should get a budget for paper etc
Hispanic week – April—Prof Weiner
Performers – give small stipend
Guess speakers
Need $900
Need to pay tips for lunch delivery
9th Grade Engineering – Prof Finney: Arduino – computer chip- cost $30.00 a pop
60 is needed
Skateboard Class
Will be awarded a $1,000.00 grant but they have to spend $2000.00
Professor Hill – $232.00
Maria Hererra recently put in a Grant Proposal to Scot Stringer office– Looks very positive – for our garden on 119th and Amsterdam
Want to buy Compose Bins
PTA Grant Funding Awards
• Professor Finney – Arduina – $1,600.00
• Hispanic Week – Professor Weiner – $775.00
• Prof Finney – Skateboarding – $625.00
We need parents to be more involved and help or take charge of a project that’s necessary for our school to grow.
Last year the walk-a-thon made about $9,000 plus
Earth day Walk a ton is coming up soon and we are looking at April 14th, 2011 at Morningside Park or maybe at Van Courtland Park or even Central Park and considering April 24th
CSS Student Community consist about 400 students
Need parental support
Pledge Sheets
$500.00 to implement water and snacks
Ask friends and family to sponsor
Pledge donation
Its PTA funds not Foundation
CSS Safety Committee
The 26th Precinct Community Council meets the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm in the 26th Precinct station house. There Community Affairs: 212- 678-1301.
They Collect concerns
Discuss School safety
Dr Biester
7th Grade Parent is now CSS Parent Co-coordinator Evelyn Acosta
Sara Mater office help – DOE stuff
New Spanish professor Feb 17 for 8th and 9th grade Spanish (Beginner)
Parent: express the lack of communication between parents, the student body and Dr Biester
Maria Herrera: We did talk to him about reaching out to parents and the school community. He is going to host parent breakfast and have one on ones.
Faculty has been working on the curriculum night which is being held on Feb 17th, All parents in 8th grade and incoming 9th grade is welcome.
Update from SLT – Boyanna
Hiring a head hunter
Conducting a nationwide search
Foundation has set aside money for the advertisement
At SLT meeting there has been a representative from CU.
Very interesting meeting with department head at CSS to talk to department head at CU
A lot of discussion about space issues for CSS current and future
Parent: Is Dr Biester on e of our candidate? Yes he is
Parent: How long does it take and would we like to fill the position sooner rather than later?
As soon as the ad is posted we have 30days….. Go through a C30 process

Meeting Adjourned at 7:33pm