Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering
Parent Teachers Association Meeting
April 11, 2011 – 6:10pm in English and Spanish

Maria Herrera made an introduction of Dr Biester CSS interim acting Principal Dr Biester
He emphasized on how important it is to fill out the surveys
Explained CSS had an A 2years in a row
CSS last year had a C
Upcoming Event:
• April 28th- Hudson Valley Shakespeare – Julia Cesar Q&A afterwards
• Parents are invited however there are limited seats – of course there are standing room.
• School musical May 13th – 7:30pm
 Sat 14th 3:30pm
• Intermission – refreshment are for sale
• June – Academic Awards Dinner and Party
• Meredith Hill: community garden in the spring.
• Alex Paone: text specialist workshop.
• Series of parent breakfast in March want to repeat in May
• Updated discipline and honor code
• Working separate on academic policy
• Consulting with Columbia’s policy and will have DOE’s as well
• Administrative Intern – Javier Compois for the rest of the school year
• Also expecting to have another soon,

Maria Herrera
Remember the Walkathon April 14th 2011 at Morningside Park
PTA 2010-2011 election second Wed in June 2011
Find parent around the school, talk about running for the executive board. It’s not difficult, existing members will help get you up to par.
Avery Katz Chair of the Foundation of Excellence
Staffing for J Term
• More expensive- most of the money comes from the parents and unfortunately this year we will have to ask you all to contribute again.
• We would send home letters explaining and describing the fund raising plans
• In the last week the foundation silently fundraised by asking for pledges and we raised over 19,000.
• During the break a lockbox will be set up at the UPS store for you to mail in your checks
• Please read the letters
• On April 28th we will have a phone a ton to call parents to remind them to donate for J Term.

PTA meeting was adjourned early to accommodate the J Term meeting.