Columbia Secondary School ● Parent-Teacher Association

Minutes: December General Membership Meeting

Thursday, 12/12/13, 5:30 PM; CSS Library, 3rd floor

Daisy Farina, Co-President Sean Stanton, Treasurer
E. Mark Lewis, Co-President Richard Rubin, Communications VP
Vickie Harcum, Fundraising Co-VP Kristin Penegor, Recording Secretary
Melissa Welsh, Fundraising Co-VP

        I.            Welcome and Minutes Review

  1. Add: issue was reported by a parent; something stolen from locker; Miriam is handling.
  2. Amended minutes approved.

      II.            Principal Nightengale

  1. Brief appearance due to Science Night
  2. Early college acceptances are coming in; an exciting and anxious time.

    III.            Co-Presidents Report (E. Mark Lewis, Daisy Farina)

    IV.            Old Business:

  1. School photos arrived; 227 prepaid packages, more than last year; makeup/retake day in Jan.
  2. Great work with bake sales.
  3. Tree sale; estimate $1,000 this year, ($230 last year); great product, promoted better & earlier.
  4. Volunteers from New York Life for Science Night.

      V.            New Business

  1. Discussion/Planning for next year; public school=limited resources for academics/arts/sports needs

a.     Events: Parent/Teacher social was new this year, summer opportunities fair, other…

b.     Fundraising: desire to target for certain events, Exec Board helped fund student assembly…

    1. Some events self-funded, like play, e.g.
    2. Ideas: walk a thon, talent show; (each needs parents!)

c.     J-Term: unique experiential learning; how to partner with school to keep it going/build?

    1. Parent & funding support critical; expectations should be presented from first visit to CSS.
    2. Ideas: Apollo Theater (inexpensive), Hispanic Society Museum (nearby), New Victory Theater

d.     Parent Involvement: need to improve overall

    1. Communication: alternate AM/PM meetings?; embrace Spanish speakers; ideas?
    2. Directory: new push: Middle School data, develop intake form for beginning of school year
    3. Again, work with Admin; set expectations for incoming families, starting with first visit.
    4. Ideas
      1. Fundraising goals, awards?
      2. School application could ask parents how they’ll volunteer? How many hours? How to track?
      3. Parent appreciation night; certificates/awards?
      4. Class Parents? Start with next 6th grade and build

2. Upcoming Events:

a.     Marjorie Eliot jazz show 12/20; three shows to accommodate all students

b.     Teacher goody bag day 12/20; need parent helpers/donations

    VI.            Treasurer’s Report (Sean Stanton)

  1. Bank balance: $17,000 + Square account $1,500 + Paypal $650
  2. Exceeded last year’s PTA donations; still need more participation:  51 so far, 66 last year, 62 prev year.
  3. Doing well on bake sales, tree sales ($1K), pictures ($2K); estimated profits, after expenses paid.

  VII.            AdjournmentMeeting adjourned; Next meeting Tuesday, January 14th, 6 PM