Columbia Secondary School ● Parent-Teacher Association

Minutes: October General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, 10/8/13, 6:00-7:30 PM; CSS Library

Daisy Farina, Co-President Sean Stanton, Treasurer
E. Mark Lewis, Co-President Richard Rubin, Communications VP
Vickie Harcum, Fundraising Co-VP Kristin Penegor, Recording Secretary
Melissa Welsh, Fundraising Co-VP

       I.            PTA Business

A.     Welcome and Co-Presidents Report (E. Mark Lewis, Daisy Farina)

1.     PTA business is: engaging parents; working with Administration to make best school possible

2.     Good things: dues are up, uniform/bake sales going well, some politicians to attend Hispanic night!

3.     Planners, limited supply, available, especially for 6th graders, others who’d like one ($5)

B.     Friends of CSS (Mark Kerman, President)

1.     Supports academics, especially electives and related equipment, which set CSS apart

2.     No family excluded due to financial limitations, that’s what Friends allows

3.     Please give. Participation levels influence grants! Will work with your company for matching funds.

C.     Treasurer’s Report (Sean Stanton)

1.     Bank balance: $11,322 + Square account $1,200; Dues raised – $4,500 so far, 46 contributions

2.     Presenting $2,500 check to Miriam, previously pledged for ID machine

3.     New Asks: Each of the following discussed, motioned & approved by vote:

    1. Gym upgrade, padding required for PSAL certification; for home volleyball games $700
    2. Sports team supplies: soccer (nets, referees) $150; softball equipment $250
    3. New refrigerator, teacher lounge $500

D.     Fundraising Notes (Vickie Harcum, Melissa Welsh)

1.     Free money – see handout or ask about: Box Tops, iGive, Target card; please share other ideas

2.     Picture days Nov 12/13; need parents

3.     First parent/teacher/staff party Nov 16, 4-7 PM; The Amsterdam @ 120th/Amst; spread the word

    II.            Upcoming Events

A.     Calendar Notes (Andi Velasquez)

1.     New York Cares Oct 19; Chancellor Walcott coming; bike shed, storage/organizing, classroom hooks

2.     Nov 21: planning a family Engineering night

3.     “High School Musical Jr.”; Feb (8/9th?); 90 students participating! Parent help – food, makeup, etc.

B.     Urban Advantage (parent, Tina)

1.     Middle School students got purple ticket, free entrance; 4 people; or reach out to Science teacher

2.     High school community service opportunities available; contact Tina

3.     First field trips next week, some through Urban Advantage; also Seniors college visits (Prof. Novak)

 III.            Open Forum with Administration

A.     Principal Miriam Nightengale, Professor Dan Novak, and Dean Arthur Puritz, some topics/highlights:

1.     Small groups, academic support, about 10 students each, both middle & high school

2.     Tech questions:  Pupil Path, e-mail list, new website

3.     Summary of sports programs/teams; growing from small school to public school athletic league

4.     Summary of Electives, 31 total, 22 for credit; amazing offerings, some taught by parents

5.     Uniform: collared shirt w/ CSS logo (HS-navy, MS-Columbia blue), blue jeans, sneakers/shoes; (jean/khaki shorts allowed at 72°+ F; gray/navy sweater/sweatshirt okay over collared CSS shirt)

B.     PTA Meeting format? Questions always welcome, Andi & Miriam attend all meetings; parents may also call OSS, Dean Puritz, ext. 311, 4-6 PM

  IV.            AdjournmentMeeting adjourned ~ 7:30 PM; Next meeting Tuesday, November 12th, 6 PM