Columbia Secondary School ● Parent Teacher Association

Daisy Farina, President Maria Herrera, Fundraising VP
Sean Stanton, Treasurer Virginie Glaenzer, Secretary

Meeting held Wed., June 12th, 2013 from 6 – 7:30 PM in Rm 404

I. Opening Business

Daisy introduces the proposed May minutes, which are approved, and review today’s agenda.

II. Discussion

1) The bake sales was a big success and the best we ever had. Daisy thanks all parents for their support.
2) Daisy explains how a complete parents board makes a huge difference in raising funds for our school.


Sean presents the financial report for this year. The bake sales generated almost $5,000 and the 8th graders graduation has raised $4,000. Sean goes over the financial details including cost, revenues and change year over year. Bake sales seems to be a good source of revenue compared to uniforms. In the PTA dues reports, the 6th grade families are the most engaged financially. Out of the 540 families attending CSS, only 66 families (6.4%) are paying their dues. A question is asked about status of financial donations to the Friends of CSS. It is said that financial donations have the same correlation than the PTA dues. Someone points out that he doesn’t remember which organization he gave his dues to. A larger discussion needs to be addressed to discuss the fundraising efforts with Parents.


1. End of Year Potluck Picnic on June 24th at 6pm in Morningside Park. This event will welcome new family coming in next year. A flyer will be distributed shortly.
2. PTA Election for 2013-2014 School Year: Nominating Committee-Maria Herrera, Victor Acosta and Alison Loeb. After each attending parent introduces herself/himself, Maria Herrera introduces the voting process. Maria names all candidates and calls for nominations: President: D. Gonzalez/M. E. Lewis. Rec. Secretary: Kristin Penegor. Treasurer: Sean Stanton. VP, Communications: Richard Rubin. VP, Fundraising: M. Welsh / V. Harcum. All candidates are elected. SLT candidates: Mary Escalante, Paula Mota, Richard Tello and Warren Orange. SLT team meets once a month. Members are teachers, parents and students and the objectives are to work on the school comprehensive education plan, SCEP. The SLT team is running for a 2-year term. The ballots are collected. Nominated is Mr. Orange.
3. Communication issue: someone share its issue getting emails from school and points out that any communications issues from school to parents will hold fundraising success moving forward and needs to be addressed shortly. Some parents suggest using computers to help parents login providing email support during events. Others suggest creating independent Google group to help PTA communicates with parents.
4. Daisy closed the meeting and remind parents to bring old uniforms, jeans and shorts for the PTA sale during the end of year picnic.

III. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Next meeting will be scheduled in September 2013.
Dated: June 12th, 2013 Virginie Glaenzer, CSS PTA Secretary