Columbia Secondary School ● Parent Teacher Association


Daisy Farina, President Maria Herrera, Fundraising VP
Sean Stanton, Treasurer Virginie Glaenzer, Secretary

Meeting held Wed., Dec 12, 2012 from 6 – 7:30 PM in Rm 404

I. Opening Business
Daisy introduces the proposed November 2012 minutes, which were approved, and review today’s agenda. Daisy presents pending projects:
– Classes pictures will be distributed shorty. Used in the yearbook, which the PTA is sponsoring, supporting some of the cost generated to produce it.
– In addition a Coat Drive has been started and PTA has collected 97 coats to be dropped
– Bake Sales was successful thank to the Parents involvement and an official Bake Sale committee.
– Phone messaging service has started to be used for absent and late students.
– Daisy stresses the importance of better communicating between committees and groups to maximize attendance and event success.
– The Health Awareness night had a good content.

II. Discussion
Mariam shares her process of sending out fundraiser application and good timing to engage. It would be better to ask for large projects such as the library and auditorium. Someone says working with local council that helped receive grants and has put together a list of local politicians. Someone advises to be very coordinated to do outreach to the political leaders and fundraisers opportunities. Another person mentions the negative attitudes towards CSS and suggests creating good press communication in the media. Everyone agrees that CSS needs a committee to write a plan and coordinate this global effort, which includes reaching to political leaders resulting in fundraising and positive press. The first step that needs to be prepared is a press introduction school folder. Also sending an invitation to the play.

Miriam shares the following news:
– High school regents’ exams: CSS is not administrating any regents in the high school process in January, which will take place in other schools.
– Political Leader Outreach action items: invite the list to Fame (January) and science expo (June). Mariam will draft the city council application and send it to others. Committee needs friends of CSS and parents: two parents offer their participation
– Meeting with Bloomberg. They offered to help CSS connect with local politicians. Next meeting is scheduled in January.
– Relationship with Columbia University: meeting with the dean of academic who is interested in developing the relationships with CSS: developing sustainable programs (design and engineering program for kids in hospital, improving writing programs).
– A new system is being developed regarding Teacher valuation in which 40% of their grade based on their kids’ grades and progress.

Bank status: $8,000.

D- New Business
1- PTA support Fame Movie Night _ PTA Dec 14th. PTA wants to buy make up tools to be used. Motion to approved.
2- Tree Sale _ Dec 15th
3- Staff Appreciation Day _ Dec 20th: Goody bag project needs helpers.

III. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM
Next meeting on Wednesday January, 2012 @ 6:00 pm

Dated: December 12, 2012
Virginie Glaenzer,
CSS PTA Secretary