Columbia Secondary School
Parent Teacher Association


Daisy Farina President
Maria Herrera, Fundraising VP
Sean Stanton, Treasurer
Virginie Glaenzer, Secretary

Meeting held Wed., Oct. 10, 2012 from 6 – 7:30 PM in Rm 404
Attendees: 25 parents and 6 students

I. Opening Business
Daisy introduced the proposed Sept 2012 meeting minutes, which were approved;
reviewed today’sagenda, and nominated Virginie Glaenzer as secretary, who was likewise approved by vote.
II. Discussion
Assistant Principal introduced the security program and invites three police officers to talk about the program. A police officer presents this programs ($10 fee) offered to students. Parents comment and exchange ideas on the best streets to use going home and ways to best communicate to kids about safety.
Sean talks about budget, PTA dues from only 23 families / 175 kids, slow sales of
and planners. Parents comment that planners can be not suitable due to small fonts, missing
dates. Lack of knowledge from parents. Several parents share some ideas such as phone tree, bundle agenda and shirt as a requirements to increase next year sales.
A parent said that if parents’ attendance increases at CEC meetings (Community Education Council) it can impact positively student ratio budget from Education.
A parent asked question about why foundation and Friends of CSS are separate entity.
A parent asks question about emails not working properly and on school’s list update. Daisy talks about improving communication with class parents representative through phone service, and Facebook page. Daisy shares the importance of building parents’ awareness and involvement.

Foundation/Friends of CSS is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and supports many programs like college council, electives, engineering program. Yearly budget is $400K.
Upcoming Events: 3rd Hispano-American Month at CSS in October with lectures starting on October 18th.; Parents-teacher conference is first-come first-serve Oct 24th and 25th with Friday 26th half day.

A parent said her contact information is not accurate. Daisy reminds the emergency cards were sent out earlier and are still being processed. Daisy mentions that parents class representative for each class will have the duty to make sure all contacts are up to date.

A parent asks about sports uniforms: Every student has to change from regular uniform to gym outfit before class starts and change back after class, unless they start gym as their first period. Gym uniform are to be purchase $10 to $12 based on sizes in room 300.

Parents ask about curriculum. A breakfast will be held in November by Principal. Sean points out that High school committee are open to all and discuss these topics.

The PTA Welcome Package helps parents figure out how they can help and provides PTAs due form.

There is a fundraiser committee meeting every month for parents interested. A monthly newsletter is now available.

III. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM
Next meeting on Wednesday November 14, 2012 @ 6:00 pm
Dated: November 14, 2012
——————————————- Virginie Glaenzer,
CSS PTA Secretary