Columbia Secondary School
Parent-Teacher Association

September Meeting

At this meeting :
• Introduction of PTA members.
• Daisy spoke about how the greet and meet was a success.
• The new gym uniform policy was discussed.
• Robotics team will have their 1st team competition.
• Friends of CSS spoke about how they support
1- Theater Program
2- Electives Program
3- College Counselor
4- Engineering Class

• Principal spoke about the following :
1. Middle School changes (no more Houses)
2. Introduce the new teachers
3. Lockers
4. Lab
5. New engineering program
6. Working in partnership with Columbia University to update the school library.

• Treasurer’s report
1. Proposed Budget
2. Membership dues( 100 dollars)
3. Parent suggest opening a PAYPAL account.
4. Parent asked how does the PTA keeps track of dues

• Vicky from the Fundraising Committee ask for volunteers
• Professor Hill introduced her new musical Fame
• Upcoming Events
1. Hispanic Heritage month celebration.
2. Fame musical

Meeting Adjourned