Columbia Secondary School for Math Science and Engineering
Minutes for December 9th, 2011

Sean –Introduction
• Working on Bell system
• State is changing core standard
o Nationwide same standard
o Change in state test
o Regent
o Changes in the whole school educational package
• Critical thinking- some text longer –65-75 mins for a text
• What’s tough we don’t know what the new item are—no textbooks, no sample out

In Jan, having a midterm week , test cycle longer
• Have not release any testing

Title 1: 60. 1% — good possibility we will qualify for title 1 funding, amounting to $100,000.00
60% of our student body qualifies for reduce or free lunch. Dec 23rd deadline to submit paper work.

We also got extra funding from Columbia
• 75,000 – 150,000 above the base $100,000
For Miriam her dream number: 1.8 million
Cost of teacher
Reduce class size
Create special classes
More flexibility

Her old school funding was $2 million but at CSS $75,000 or a little more is what you get

Good News
Teachers Coleege- consortium of 5-6 schools

Met Marsha Salle— CU will
• Print—brochure
• High school material
• Printing info for college
• Title 1 money—headsets for translations
• Candy—lunch time club
o Are there classrooms available?
Reduce the teacher to student ratio—they could do more
• Bring in outside help –Can they use the cafeteria?
• Library could be available—use it as space—the books is not 6-12, Pre k thru 5th grade
• Aids could be supervising—they already do says Miriam
• How about Parent volunteers?
• Parent have to go through the fingerprinting process through the DOE
Columbia Student Volunteers

Consistency is an issue because they have to study and their break starts in May

Teachers are not realistic supervisor for a lunch time club
• High School
o Soccer league
o Basketball
• College level/Biology
• AP Exam
• History, English, Spanish
• Individualizing – thinking

SLT Meeting
• Update about the lockers was presented
Treasure’s Report
• 93 families
• 437 families
• Bank—7900
• Owe—500
• Membership due—3355.00
• 20% are supporting all the volunteer programs
• How do we bring in more parents into the volunteer group?
• Nothing worse than when parents put an effort to provide other parents about high school /college preparation and only 25% attended!
We need to check our emails, Use it. We need a handbook for the school. Gary got us through;
A Lot needs to be done—Miriam is really working hard
Andrew is still involved in rebuilding the website
Candy running: High school committee very successful
Noche Latino—come and leaves
We need to get a group of parents to write grant.
The Foundation –Andrew Stillman were putting pressure on Columbia asking the provost—where is the money promised to build CSS middle and high school?
Candy: Holiday basket Thursday morning
Flyer –Emails –grade Specific
Sean PA:—possibility to give money to Musical. After the Grease fundraiser we will write a check.
$1000.00 for musical motion by Cintra Judith
Pro Hill we Need donation—need parents
Needs—plastic bins, Tissues, paper towels
Damaris authorized sweatshirt, as a fundraiser
Adjourn 7:39