Columbia Secondary School for Math Science and Engineering
Minutes for November 9th, 2011

Meeting began at 6:09pm
• 11/8 Suzanne & Damaris Co chair a fundraising meeting

Damaris reported discussions from the meeting. They talked about purchasing a pop corn machine and the following:
Do we have room? It’s on wheels. Maria H responded: yes
This requires volunteers and scheduling and can be done on off school hours.
Any fundraising ideas e.g. grants
– Shopping at Amazon using our school code to get small percentage to CSS
– Target credit card same idea
– Good
– Roxana Bosch- used book sales
– 20% of families have paid dues was

We want to build our CSS community. We need parent and family support. Lend a hand to build this diverse community housed a big city.

Movie night Dec 9th –Dec 16th not sure if there are any clashes

Jan is musical- The musical is selling its own refreshment to support the musical

African American week
A Fair of some sort may get parents at school
Fundraising for conferences
Walk-a-Thon during study hall.. this was very successful the 1st time
Festival of lights – another celebration that can bring money in
Open to public radio- what about fundraising with CU?
How do we reach our community email-English/Spanish
Letters from the foundation should be going out soon

Experiential learning
J-term – cannot continue in its Current form
Disperse throughout the year
Will continue with force
Columbia offer space
Look different
Middle School: same
High school –college trips

Miriam vision-
Discuss email access
Meetings schedule is on the website
Demetria- David O’Campo website informative session
• Parents help email
• How to get email –Suggestion: Invite David to over next meeting

Issue of lockers: Damaris responded
Highly expensive
Space issue
$80,000 for lockers from the DOE contractors
School leadership

Plan in consultation with parents
Sean: Candy & Jose researched, nice lockers, have to buy lockers from DOE. We cannot have talented parents or outside contractors do the installation

Miriam: bathroom/lockers building to work through high school ??

Miriam and teachers are looking at the school very carefully to see how we are going to move forward in this elementary school building that was build for little kids
Can be run by parent
What would it cost?
CU- have programs
SLT is open to everyone
Preferred to have a 6th grade parents
Meeting adjourned 7:26 pm