Columbia Secondary School for Math Science and Engineering
Minutes for September 21st, 2011

Meeting Began at 6:12pm
• Maria Herrera PTA co -president introduce the PTA and talked about
• Accepting PTA dues
• Growing H.S
• Guidance counselor
• Ass. Principal
• More Administrative staff
• New teacher
CSS is a school that’s work in process. It’s a small school- we don’t have lots of staff but we are working on it. We are building together.
Walkathon was introduced by a parent (husband and wife) and it’s now a yearly event. We don’t have established committees; please do not be shy to be involved. Check the website for updates
• School leadership meeting , they need help and guidance on how to raise money for club and other things of interest
List of Current Committees
High School Events Committee
• Joey and Sara
• Movie night
• Dances
Hispanic Cultural Committee
Garden Committee (Prof. Hill 119st and Amsterdam Ave)
Fundraising committee: meetings to be schedule in Oct- really critical for us to raise money.

In comparison to some schools that ask parents for large sums of money, we are only asking for $25.00 per family for PTA dues.

Marisol Weiner, teacher, and parents in charge of Hispanic week, she asked us to invite everyone. They need volunteers, please donate a dish, juices, sodas or whatever you can afford. It’s an evening of various entertainments and a huge buffet. The shows will be translated in English

Damaris working over the summer
• UFT about teachers lay off
• ways to strategies politically and how not to have cut backs
• Meetings on how to analyses budgets
Please join Damaris

6th Grade Parent potluck
• meeting at her house on Saturday
• Open a dialog at what value we can bring to the table – whether you are a grant writer
• For example if you do a restaurant night, find out if the restaurant would match, get fund from different organization

Maria Herrara
• Information about website email, it’s a good resource for information
• Question: How many don’t use CSS email?
• Just a few raised their hands.

Demetria : took initiative to co-host informational learning session with David Ocampo and Alex Peone to walk you through Datacation which replaced Power School. It’s the same concept. Additional training – evening will have another in December. Will send log in- end of next week

DOE –Aris test result

Lunch forms- is very important that its filled out by all parents. Depending on the number of families who qualify for free or reduced price lunch – our school is entitled to almost $100,000.00 under title 1 funding.
Parent: is there a place to drop of forms, yes in the office
It can be filled online. Please fill it out whether or not you are qualify.

PTA contact information, PTA schedule of meeting was sent home with your child

Sean- Treasurer Report- made contribution to the following:
• Post Budget -3
• Graduation party 3700
• Audino-1200
• Hispanic-775
• J-term 2500

Categories: Walkathon 3400. This past year the participation was low. It should be at the end of the day before dismal to accommodate the walkathon

Membership dues:
500*25=12,000.00 can go a long way to support our kids
Program Service Revenue
• Volunteer to fundraise
• Events
• Bake and book sales
• Greeting cards

How much can we give to J-terms?
Look for grants-
Budget was approved by parents
Barbara Jones tittle 1
PTA due
Foundation for Excellence every single family should contribute even if it’s $10

Boyana-Introduced Principal Nightengale to the CSS community
She said that the Spirit of the parents and children made her feel very welcome
It’s really great to become part of this community
She has a 7 yr flight
What will 12th grade look like?
What can we do?
1st – introduce faculty by a slide show

Our mission statement:
Strength in diversity
Diverse student body
A passion for reason and knowledge
Challenging Academics

Advance placement
Equipped to take college courses at CU
Transcripts that open door at top college
Turns curricular sequence that gets incrementally more complex
Middle school a springboard to high level work in upper school
CU grade will be accepted at any University
Miriam: she is aware of all the incidents we have gone through in the past years and with deep regret
Professor Smith is under investigation and is removed from the classroom
She will press for a quick resolution
The affected class would have a Substitute
Prof Smith is still in the school not in classroom
Emily we are not going to let this put us down —-
Pro Smith does not want any negative attention to the school
PTA could write a standard letter
Time structure budget cut

PTA adjourned at 8pm