Dear CSS Teachers & Administrators:

Part of the function (and privilege) of the CSS PTA is to provide financial support for CSS teacher initiatives and projects directly contributing to the improvement and enhancement of the CSS Student Body.

Please tell us how we can use PTA money to help CSS.  You have the best knowledge of what is needed in our school and in your classrooms.

We invite you to submit requests for proposed grant funding, using the electronic form below.

    1.  Fill out the electronic form below as best you can.

Describe your proposed expenditure.  What are we buying or who are we paying?  Who will it help and how?

Estimate the cost or be exact if you can.

No request is too small or too big.  We can fix little problems but we like big ideas.  Let us help you make it happen.  If not immediately, we can run a special fundraiser or drive for it.

If you are familiar with the budget and know where your request  might fit, this might streamline the process.  Here is a link to our current budget:    If it’s a good project and the money is available, we can make it work using the correct approval process.

    2. Submit the form.

It will be sent to the PTA Executive Board for review, consideration and approval.  If we have questions or need more information, we will contact you.   You may need to meet with the exec board or general PTA to explain your request.

    3.  Approval depends on the request.

A funding request for an approved budget category can be granted by the PTA Exec Board in their discretion and can take around two weeks to finalize.  If a request is not already within the budget, it requires a general PTA vote which may take a month or more.   Small or emergency requests may be expedited.

General guidelines:

    A. Requests for funds already contained in the approved PTA budget, and for funds of $140 or less regardless of their budgeting, may be approved by the PTA Executive Board in their discretion without a General PTA vote.  Please allow at least two weeks for this approval process.

    B. Requests for funds of $141 or more WHICH ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE BUDGET (i.e., a new expense not falling in an approved budget category or exceeding available funding in an approved budget category) must be submitted to the PTA Executive Board for approval and then presented to the General PTA for vote.  The General PTA meets monthly on the second Tuesday, so please allow at least 45 days for the approval process.

    C. IMPORTANT – We realize that last minute, emergency requests will arise. Please submit the appropriate form and the PTA will make every effort to help.

4. Fund the project.

Once the project is approved, PTA requires a written bid, invoice or proposal to write a check for the purchase or a paid receipt to provide a check for reimbursement.

Under DOE rules, PTA may not have a debit or credit cards, so direct or on-line purchase by PTA are not possible.  Unless a vendor will accept a check after receipt of services, the best and fastest way to resolve payment is for you to make the approved purchase and submit the paid receipt for reimbursement.  A check will be issued in about a week.