Welcome CSS students and families to the College Office page!  The college admission process is an important piece of the 11th and 12th grade years at CSS. One of the most obvious goals of the college guidance process is to help students identify, apply, and secure admission to colleges and universities that will meet their needs, nurture their talents and interests, and appropriately challenge them.  The College Office expects, and therefore helps to empower, students to make reasoned and informed decisions, to be forthright, to advocate effectively for themselves, to follow a schedule and meet deadlines, and to employ strong organizational skills throughout the process.  The College Office will provide timely information, counseling and support to help each student develop the necessary skills to complete each phase of the college process successfully.

All juniors are encouraged to participate in college awareness programs including lunch-time workshops and visits from college representatives.  After the winter recess juniors will begin activities to examine individual interests, aptitudes, and needs.  It is strongly recommended that juniors take advantage of all programs offered at CSS and on individual college campuses.  School vacations are an excellent time for college exploration and college visits. Campus visits provide students with the opportunity to compare and contrast colleges and help to fine-tune college lists.  Parental support in this process is essential.  Accompanying students on campus visits, talking about potential college choices, encouraging students to plan for the upcoming year, and supporting decisions are all actions that will be most helpful as students continue the college search process.

Early in the Fall of senior year students will begin completing applications.  It is important that seniors investigate the colleges they are most interested in to determine best-fit colleges and create a final list.  The recommended list should include 10-12 colleges ranging from reach, to likely, to highly likely schools.

  • Reach schools are those where the chance for admission is significantly less than 50% and/or where competition is so keen that it is difficult to predict the chances for event the strongest student.
  • Likely schools are those where the chances for admission is about 50/50
  • Highly likely are schools where the chance for admission is strong

You are encouraged to use this site as a resource for information regarding the college process.  Feel free to reach out to the college office with questions or concerns throughout your admission process.

I look forward to working with you!

Andi Velasquez, College Counselor

Molly Porcher, College Counselor

Kiri Patel, College Counselor


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